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Hurtworld leaves Early Access


After more than 6 years in development the hardcore multiplayer Survial Game Hurtworld leaves Early Access. With version 1.0 there are a lot of bugfixes and new features.

Hurtworld players have played over 60 million hours during the Early Access Phase. That's over 6849 years in total. An impressive number and it highlights how much fun Hurtworld can be.

Hurtworld Server from GPORTAL

We at GPORTAL support Hurtworld Server from the very beginning and continue to offer it to you beyond the final release. With the new update you can expect a lot of new features:

  • "Talon" Rocket Launcher
  • Ultra rare "Roach Asylum Body Kit"
  • Making New Base Construction Easier
  • Rebalancing Mozzy (Helicopter)
  • End of The Rock Glitch
  • Fixing Up Cave Bases

Secure your own Hurtworld Server fast and uncomplicated: Rent Hurtworld Server

Hurtworld Trailer & Gameplay



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