New Alpine DLC for the Farming Simulator 19 Background

New Alpine DLC for the Farming Simulator 19

November 12, 2020
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Are you ready to discover the new mountain world for the Farming Simulator 19? Can you hear the echo from the mountains? Here and there the cowbells ring, the pure idyll. Until the motor hum of the more than 30 new vehicles and equipment begins. They are just waiting to be put into operation by you!

Who finds the GPORTAL cow?

Together with our partner SpencerTV we were immortalized on a poster in the Alpine Map. Take some screenshots of our billboard when you pass it and share your snapshots with us on our social media accounts. That would make us very happy!

Here you can see our screenshot, so you know what to look for:

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Alpine Map Trailer

Want your own server?

With your own Farming Simulator 19 server you can enjoy the fresh breeze of the new Alpine Map together with your friends. With a quick click on ME, you can go directly to our shop page and find the right server.