The SCUM Update 0.5 is here: DEAD WATER Background

The SCUM Update 0.5 is here: DEAD WATER

March 31, 2021
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Patch 0.5 has been eagerly awaited by the SCUM community. The update brings exciting areas to explore, as well as a new water and weather system. Do you already know what awaits you in the depths?

What’s new?

Dead Water is thematically all about water. New boats give you the ability to travel fast across sea and river. The new fishing equipment and 19 different types of fish bring further variety to the game. Which fish will you catch first?

Larger map and engine improvements

In addition, as with every patch, there are tons of fixes, improvements and enhancements to the game’s engine. New sounds provide a more beautiful atmosphere. Now you can play in up to 9 sectors and there is more to come, let yourself be surprised…

Trailer of the update

Server saves are wiped

Due to the comprehensive update, all our scum servers are affected. They will be completely wiped by the update. Please note that you will have to start a new game and that backups will no longer work.

How to play a new update on GPORTAL servers!

HERE you can easily rent your own SCUM server with a few clicks, we will take care of everything else. The update and everything you need is pre-installed and you can start playing immediately. What are you waiting for?

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