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Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 are still being played with GPORTAL

Damian Reed
27. January 2021
10 min

Gamers are still playing older Battlefield Games, and GPORTAL hosts a large chunk of them!

Which Battlefield games are we talking about and why are they still so popular?

The three games in question are Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Hardline – yes gamers are still playing Hardline!

There is a unique side to these three games that is not present in newer releases of Battlefield, and that is private game servers. We will go into more details about private game servers later.

If you are not aware of these three games, here is a little bit about them:

Battlefield 3 – was released on the 25th October 2011 – back in 2011 the Battlefield franchise was for so many the pinnacle of fps warfare. Unlike other Battlefield games before hand, Battlefield 3 offered different sized maps and games modes. Back in 2011, the Call of Duty franchise was chasing hard and so DICE released a game that had close-quarter, meat grinder maps catering for the Call of Duty crowd.

Battlefield 3 did not have the breadth of content of Battlefield 4 or the number of destructible buildings in Battlefield 5 – it did however boast to have the greatest number of armoured kills and incredible close quarter destruction.

Armoured kills came from tanks, helicopters, jets, and planes making Battlefield 3 an extremely rewarding and fun game to play.

Close quarter destruction: walls, glass, books, paper, tiles, dirt and so much more – all of which could be destroyed in a very realistic fashion. To this date, having a firefight in an office block is one of the most heart pounding experiences to be had in a fps game.

Battlefield 4 – for those of you who know about the Battlefield franchise, the launch and first year did not go well. There were concerns at the beginning from gamers who saw initial trailers and gameplay, thinking that it did not look different enough from its predecessor’s launch just two years earlier. However, the problems stemmed from exactly the opposite, Battlefield was too big an idea to be developed fully within the two-year time frame.

64 players, giant maps, and 1080p – these were big plans and DICE did not quite pull it off at launch. At launch there were game crashes, bugs, sporadic frames per second – issues that crippled gameplay. Many of these issues continued throughout the first year, but DICE worked hard, eventually fixing all the issues; and the result is one of the best Battlefield games to date.

DICE introduced levelution, where huge constructions would be destroyed during a gameplay session – changing the way a map could be played.

As well as the bug and performance fixes, a DLC support, Battlefield 4 is an incredibly fun, competent, and content-stuffed game.

Battlefield Hardline – released in 2015, Hardline was a game that had the intention of drawing in the Call of Duty crowd. It had smaller maps, game modes called Heist and Blood Money – both of which revolved around stealing or securing money. Even with these smaller maps, there were still vehicles, but they sometimes felt pointless and the helicopters could be difficult to keep within the map limits.

Many gamers thought of it as a reskinned Battlefield 4, but is that a bad thing? By the time of release, DICE had sorted the issues that had plagued Battlefield 4 and Hardline did play extremely well. 

Hardline is a fun game, a great game to play in small bursts due to its close-quarter fighting and random spawn points (always check you haven’t spawned next to the enemy!!).

Whether you want a non-serious close-quarter fight in Hardline, annihilate the enemy with armoured vehicles in Battlefield 3, or experience the levelution effect in Battlefield 4; they all offer something different for fps warfare fans.

Communities and private game servers

The great thing about all these games is that there are plenty of people still playing them – this is entirely down to community servers. Where you will be able to play significant chunks of content, including DLC, rotation of maps and gameplay; there are even enough players to fill the 64 player lobbies in Battlefield 4. 

Of course, this would simply not be possible without private game servers. No matter how popular a game is if a game studio utilises their own servers – sooner or later they will turn them off so that they can be used for a newer game.

The larger Battlefield communities are with GPORTAL, currently hosting 60% of all worldwide Battlefield servers. We often communicate with them directly, offering any support when needed and we have provided high performance systems with Battlefield EPS Product Line, allowing our servers to run at 144Hz even when full.

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Damian Reed

Damian is a business development manager at GPORTAL, who provide private and official game servers to game developers, studios, and gamers.

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