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The Cost of Success

Damian Reed
12. July 2021
3 min

Industry professionals who have worked, or currently work for an independent game studio, will know the daunting prospect of multiplayer games and cost.

Established game studios can generate revenue through sales, right at launch, or even before; whilst independent studios don’t have this initial injection of cash, they need to generate this over time.

The solution for slower paced/non-competitive multiplayer games is simple – peer 2 peer, whilst this solution has its drawbacks, it is cost effective and relatively simple to orchestrate. For all other genres, the best solution that gives most stable experience to players are servers.

The main issue for independent studios, is there is a cost associated with game servers. How much, depends on several factors, CPU and RAM usage, bandwidth consumption, and player demand.

Simply put, the more usage a game demands of a server, the higher the cost. The greater the number of players, the higher the cost.

With private game servers, the costs are eliminated

Private game servers are mostly rented by players and communities, where they pay for the cost of a server. Players and communities demand high quality connections to their games, it’s no longer acceptable to have lag, disconnects, and rubber-banding. Players and communities accept that to have as much control over their online experience, that they are willing to pay for their own servers.

Demand meets demand

One of the many great aspects of a private game server is that the more popular a game becomes, the greater the number of servers are rented. Earlier this year, Valheim exploded onto the scene, with over 5 million downloads during the first month. At GPORTAL, we supplied 57,000 servers – all rented by players and communities, with zero cost to the game studio.

To read more about how we coped with the Valheim boom, click this link

How a game studio can benefit from GPORTAL

At launch, unless an independent game studio is expecting to be the next Valheim there may be a lack of game servers. There is this initial point, where players want to play the game, but are not enough private servers available to join. The solution to this is simple, official servers and at GPORTAL we can provide these at no cost. This allows players to hop onto official servers and try out the multiplayer experience before renting their own, we provide several official servers in multiple regions around the globe.

To help with launch, we can promote the game with our large number of partnered influencers. We have partnered influencers on social media, Twitter, and YouTube – who can make content about the game. The only cost associated with this service, is that game studios will need to provide game keys to our influencers.


Earn revenue from private game servers

If a game studio decided to choose GPORTAL as their preferred private game server provider, we would pay the game studio for that privilege. This does not mean that GPORTAL demands exclusivity, simple that there’s GPORTAL branding in-game. If a studio were to choose GPORTAL as their preferred private game server provider, 0.006 euros would be paid per slot, per server, per day.

To learn more about how this works, click on this link

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Damian Reed

Damian is a business development manager at GPORTAL, who provide private and official game servers to game developers, studios, and gamers.

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