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Two Minute Tuesdays – What is a private game server?

Damian Reed
20. October 2020
5 min

Want to learn more about private game servers? Want to know the best solution for a multiplayer orchestration? Want to give your next video game the best chance of success?

Then you need Two Minute Tuesdays!

Damian Reed our evangelist brings to you a new weekly video series, where he talks about the many benefits of private game servers.

The idea behind this series it to make it informative, fun, and easy to digest – which we think we’ve achieved with our first video.

What is a private game server?

In today’s video, Damian breaks down what is a private game server and talks briefly about how they fill the void between dedicated game servers and peer to peer.

The series can be followed here (of course) and on both our LinedIn page and YouTube channel.

If you want to know more about private game servers vs other solutions, make sure to give this article a read


Damian Reed

Damian is a business development manager at GPORTAL, who provide private and official game servers to game developers, studios, and gamers.

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