7 Days to Die Darkness Falls: Guide Background

7 Days to Die Darkness Falls: Guide

August 11, 2023
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For the horror survival game 7 Days to Die there are several mods that offer a lot of variety for the game. However, a mod called Darkness Falls is very well-known among 7 Days to Die players, because its many features make the game feel brand new and the mod offers some challenges. To find out what Darkness Falls by creator KhaineGB is all about, check out the GPORTAL blog.

Looking for more challenges?

Of course, 7 Days to Die is already a challenging game without any mods, because you have to take care of any resources, enough food and of course the survival of you and your friends by facing the numerous and aggressive zombie hordes together with them.

However, mods for games of any kind are a welcome variation and, depending on the game, even offer new features, items and more. Darkness Falls is a mod that stands out among many, because it not only offers new items, features and a lot of variety, it especially provides completely new challenges and you have to prove your survival skills, because in general the world of 7 Days to Die became even more dangerous in Darkness Falls.

New, old, classes, zombies and more

One of the biggest features of the Darkness Falls mod is the eight classes it adds to 7 Days to Die. The following classes are available:

  • Civilian class: this class is less suitable for beginners, as there is no possibility of mastery and therefore no extra abilities, and the loot from the completed quests is also quite poor
  • Farmer class: with this class you get access to the powerful firearm called Blunderbuss, which can hit several times with its eight projectiles - additionally you get some recipes for farming when mastering the class
  • Hunter class: mastering this class will give you blueprints for making weapons and more firepower as you go along
  • Laborer class: in keeping with the name, mastering this class will give you recipes for making titanium structures and tools, which are the strongest in the game
  • Mechanic class: mainly focused on construction, this class gives you the ability to craft engines or other items to make a truck or motorcycle upon mastery
  • Scientist class: the healer in 7 Days to Die, when mastering this class, can create various medicines that will get you and your friends back on track, and is therefore actually indispensable in a party
  • Security class: in addition to the healer, there is of course a "tank" who can absorb a fair amount of damage thanks to two perks and has strong armor. In addition to the titanium spiked mace, this class can also handle heavy weapons
  • Survivalist class: actually the class par excellence for a game like 7 Days to Die, but rather strong in a group. Practical is the early access to tools like a fire axe, pickaxe or shovel and additionally gets recipes for e.g. a radio

All classes have different quests that yield different loot, recipes, and skill points upon successful completion, and depending on the class, you can pick up skills upon perfect mastery, which in turn unlock recipes that will support you in 7 Days to Die. So choose your class wisely from the start and distribute it well among friends so that you have all the important skills and crafting options covered.

Another highlight of the Darkness Falls mod are the zombies: you will find more of them, both new and old, in the cities, while outside of them it will be quieter, so always pay attention to where you build the base with your friends, so you do not have to fight against zombie hordes all the time. The hordes every seven days have also been reworked in the mod, the so-called Feral Zombies appear earlier as a result and they also appear more frequently at night - be aware that the Feral Zombies are the strongest that 7 Days to Die has to offer. Brand new, thanks to the Darkness Falls mod, are nasty zombies called Behemoth, which you should really stay away from or be very prepared for, in addition to the Feral Zombies.


New weapons and weapon crafting

Thanks to the Darkness Falls mod, not only does a higher difficulty level move into the game, but matching weapons are also available to help you prevail against the zombies. The new weapons include the P225 pistol, the Winchester rifle, a coilgun and laser weapons.

Also new, or rather old, but new again thanks to the mod, is weapon crafting. You can find weapon parts and use them to craft weapons with new levels on a findable lathe - even some additional tools can now be crafted in new levels. If you want to produce arrows, you no longer necessarily need feathers, scraps of cloth are also suitable, and sharp-edged stones and sticks have found their way back into 7 Days to Die.

Note: in the Darkness Falls mod, the traders are no longer protected, so make sure you always check on them or place guards in their immediate vicinity. There is a new additional merchant named Caitlin, who has her own POI (Point of Interest) and is waiting for you in the wasteland with powerful goods.


Other new features in the short overview

  • More inventory space: the backpack is increased to 96 slots thanks to the mod, giving you more freedom to carry things you might have otherwise had to leave behind
  • Crafting orders: similar to the well-known Sims, you can now line up several crafting tasks, which will be completed one after the other
  • Adjusted user interface: in addition to your hotkeys, you can now also find your hunger and thirst indicators at a quick glance
  • New resources and stations: a new material called Titan and several new workstations have been added thanks to the mod, which you can use to progress. Also new is tree sap, which you can collect from trees using containers
  • More farming: new crops such as wheat, carrots or apples have been added and can be made into bread or whole dishes, for example, and in addition to the farm theme, animal enclosures have been included - make sure to water your plants because they need water to grow
  • Furnishings: sinks or stoves that work can be made and placed in your base
  • Skill system: the skill system has been reworked and adds skill books for all level 100 skills available to all classes and you have the option to learn skills via general books

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Besides all the work put into this absolutely comprehensive modification for 7 Days to Die, we are aware that it raises the toughness in horror survival to a new level once again - so it's not for the faint of heart. If you want to plunge into this adventure, rent a powerful 7 Days to Die server at GPORTAL and get started right away!

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