7 Days to Die Traders: Overview Background

7 Days to Die Traders: Overview

November 7, 2023
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As a popular and challenging horror survival game, 7 Days to Die is an indispensable part of the genre. You can fight for survival, defend yourself against wild zombie hordes and level up your skills in the survival and crafting area - in doing so, you are also supported by traders in the game and what they are and what you need to know about them follows here in the blog.

What are the 7 Days to Die traders for?

All traders in the game are important so-called points of interest, because they hold some treasures and valuable resources for you with their constantly changing offer. However, you can not only buy items from them, but also sell your unused items and thereby turn them into cash, the currency in the game is called Duke's Casino Token, or Dukes for short.

Since each trader has his own unbreakable location with its own warehouse, you can of course capture goods from the crates and other containers there, and with a bit of luck you can also find items to furnish them. Another cool option is to rent a vending machine, in which you can then put your items and sell them to other NPCs, basically passive income without much effort.

There are currently five traders in 7 Days to Die and since the Alpha 21 update they also have a so-called trader stage, which ensures that each trader can offer different goods, apart from the fact that each trader has a different focus of goods. You can get a closer look at the 7 Days to Die Alpha 21 update here. Once you have bought up all the goods from a trader and need more of them, you have to wait for about three days, because that is the time after the traders fill their store again. It is also important to know that the traders in 7 Days to Die are not open around the clock, their opening hours are limited from 06:05 am to 09:50 pm.

Note: the trader tier has only been around since the 7 Days to Die Alpha 21 update and ensures that you cannot see all sorts of end-game items right at the start of the game and buy them directly from the trader. What items you can see and get now depends on your progress in the game.


Quests of the 7 Days to Die traders

Not only do the traders play a good role as sales talents in 7 Days to Die, but you can also pick up various quests from them to get more experience points and Dukes. In the game you can get six different quests from the merchants - what they are and what they are about follows below:

  • Collect quest: probably the first and easiest to perform quests that you will get from traders. This involves going to a POI (Point of Interest) and searching for and collecting the so-called white river supplies. Go back to the trader with the found loot and get your reward
  • Clear the zombies: as the name suggests, you will have to go to a POI and kill all the zombies in the area, making sure that you have checked every little corner and that all of them are history
  • Collect and clear: again, the name gives away the program. It's a mixture of the two previous tasks, but it's not much more difficult than the individual tasks. However, should you slowly advance into larger POIs, it will of course mean more work and eye-opening, as a larger POI also means more area for the zombies and hiding the supplies
  • Hidden supplies: for these quests you will need a shovel, because here you also have to return supplies to the merchants, but this time they are buried underground in a metal chest. Go to the POI and look for the yellow circle on the ground, which shows you the exact location
  • Open trader routes: this quest is given to you by a trader when you have completed several quests from him and now you have to open a new trader's route so that you can get more quests from new traders. Once you have met the new trader, you can finish the quest with him and accept new quests from this trader from now on
  • Restore power: this quest is about getting to one or more generators and turning them on so that the power can flow again. The downside, however, is that you can only do this quest at night, so at best you go to the trader just before he closes and accept the quest, wait until night has fallen, and then head to the POI. Be careful, because the zombies are very active, especially at night, and are just waiting to maul you, especially if they are attracted by the generator. Find the generators, turn them on and kill all the zombies in the area. Once you have done that, all you have to do is wait for the trader to reopen and successfully complete the quest

Note: the individual quests come in different levels, which increase the difficulty. The higher the level, the more zombies, larger areas and houses you have to comb through and clear from the aggressive killers.

The 7 Days to Die traders

Below we list all the traders by name and explain what goods they sell.

  • Rekt: this gloomy looking older man quickly shows that he has no desire to have any conversations with you. He gets snappy and insulting, so keep the conversations short and just quickly get the goods you need. He specializes in food and seeds for cultivation
  • Hugh: also not of the friendliest sort, but an imposing figure is Hugh. He has retained the claw across his eye as a scar from his famous fight against a giant bear. His specialty are weapons and their ammunition
  • Bob: finally, someone who is courteous and friendly. Bob works hard in his workshop on vehicles and all sorts of tools that will help you and assist you in traveling through the world of 7 Days to Die. So if you do not feel like constantly searching for certain tools or parts with a bit of luck, or you need rare parts to make more objects, Bob is your man
  • Joel: a special trader who found his way into the game as an imitation of one of the developers of 7 Days to Die. Joel is the good guy next door and considers you a friend as soon as you enter his store. His specialization is in armor and clothing, which may not be such an important constant at first, but as the zombies get stronger and the world gets tougher, you will be glad to have Joel at your side with suitable pieces
  • Jen: a friendly and somewhat cheeky doctor, Jen is a very important trader in 7 Days to Die. Her location is an old church that resembles a makeshift rescue station and is designed to provide any help. Not only will you find medical supplies like first aid kits and more in her inventory, but she also has illegal substances like Recog to increase the damage of ranged weapons or improve your perception

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