Palworld - best starter pals for your base Background

Palworld - best starter pals for your base

January 29, 2024
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It's been just a week since the release in Palworld's Early Access and history has already been made in the gaming world. In the GPORTAL blog, we would like to give you some tips on how to get started in Palworld and show you which Pals are worthwhile for your base, especially at the beginning.

Tips for an easier start

Immediately after creating and customizing your character, you start in the large open world of Palworld and of course don't carry too much with you. To change this quickly, your eyes should be on the lookout for initial resources such as stones, wood, fibers, paldium and ores. However, the world of Palworld is very kind to you, as you can easily find branches, stones and pieces of paldium on the ground from time to time.

However, to conserve your strength and stamina and get important resources for the start more quickly, you should build a primitive workbench pretty soon. Under the "Technology" tab in the menu, you can now unlock various items and stations with technology points and then produce them at the workbench. First of all, a pickaxe, axe, weapon and palspheres would be good, because with these tools you can mine resources such as wood, fibers, stones, paldium fragments and ores much more efficiently and with less energy. Pal spheres are the next important item, as you can use them to catch wild pals and recruit them as your companions.

What is that - and this? Whoopsie, backpack is full …

In the world of Palworld, however, you will not only find resources, but also your first food, such as berries from bushes and matching berry seeds, will quickly find their way into your backpack. And with your first weapon, you will probably also quickly fight or even kill wild Pals and obtain a wide variety of things from them, such as meat, eggs, wool, leather, glands and so on. Sooner rather than later, it will be time to build a Pal Box, which not only acts as the center of your camp and marks it off with a blue marker. You can also use the Pal Box to control your Team Pals and deploy them as workers, and you can also use fast travel if you have marked the first orange glowing eagle statues in the world as a fast travel destination.

Finding a place and building a camp

Even if it is of course very tempting to use the starting location as your first base, as you know your way around there pretty quickly and want to explore everything in peace and quiet first, you should perhaps put out some feelers and look for a place for your base that is also suitable. You should make sure that the area is flat rather than hilly and that there are some resources nearby, such as trees, stones, paldium stones and chunks of ore - because as we learned above, these are the most important utensils, especially at the beginning. It is particularly practical that resources such as trees, stones and chunks of ore respawn again and again.

Note: You can recognize paldium stones by their blue shimmer and ore chunks, in contrast to normal stone chunks, appear rather brownish and somewhat "old".

It is also important that your base area is not too open and can be attacked from all sides, because it won't be long before the first aggressive Pals find their way to you and try to destroy everything you have in a raid. As already mentioned, your Pal box is the center of your camp and defines the boundaries within which you can build and use your Pals as workhorses. You can then build your first small hut from wood in a quick select menu with a wheel, but be careful not to build it too big at first, because firstly there are more important points than a large base at the beginning and it is enough if your bed has a roof so that you can skip the super dark nights in Palworld.

Hint: If you make a mistake when building or if you don't quite like the look of your base anymore, or if you simply want to move your chests or whatever to somewhere else, you can use the "C" key in the build menu to enter rebuild mode, which allows you to dismantle individual elements and get all of their resources back.

Level up camp with Pal Box

The Pal-Box is a real all-rounder and an important item when playing Palworld. In addition to catching wild Pals, fighting in dungeons and defeating bosses, it is also important that you plan enough time to level up your camp. At the Pal Box, you can use the V button to improve your camp by completing the tasks set in the Pal Box. Initially, of course, these are rather easy to complete, but over time they become more challenging and the number increases.


At the bottom of the window that appears, you can see what rewards you will receive for successfully completing the tasks set. You can increase the maximum number of working Pals in your camp and also the total number of your camps. At some point during the course of Palworld, you will realize that one camp is probably not enough and the various branches of Palworld lend themselves to setting up different camps for all kinds of processes.

Level up quickly and unlock technologies

In addition to the Pal Box and your camp, you also want to level up to become stronger and more resilient against better and better opponents, and the new items that await your more powerful version are not to be sneezed at. To level up, you need experience points, which are best obtained by catching and fighting wild pals, dungeons and bosses. For example, if you have caught 10 of a Pal class, you will receive an XP bonus that will help you progress very quickly.

If you open your inventory, you will not only see what you are carrying and how much empty weight you have left. You also get an overview of your character with all kinds of stats and statistics. You can also see which weapons you are currently carrying, which clothing is selected and which food you have consumed, along with their values and effects. In the inventory, you can also get an overview of your food, whether it is still good and if so, how long it will last. You should definitely pay attention to this, as food has a timer and once this has expired, it is spoiled and should no longer be consumed.

Hint: As your technology level increases, you can build a cool box in which you can store your food so that it lasts longer. Place a Pal on the cool box that is suitable for cooling and your food will expire more slowly.

Once you have leveled up, you will receive status points, which you can then use in your inventory under your health and food display and your stats to improve your character. The most important thing, especially at the beginning, is to level up your stamina and carrying capacity. Your stamina is almost always needed, in combat, when sprinting, when mining resources, when climbing, when swimming, in fact everywhere and is very important. And the fact that carrying capacity is important in a survival game is almost self-explanatory. (We'd like to take a moment here for all Skyrim players).

Another thing you can improve or expand is the Technology menu option. As mentioned above, you can unlock the items here that you want and need to build next. Here you should be careful not to unlock everything that is available just because you have a lot of technology points. It is important that you take a look at the upcoming items for the next levels so that you can save up for certain things and make rapid progress in Palworld.

Ancient technology

In addition to the normal technology points, there are also Ancient Technology points in the Technology tab at the bottom, which are intended for the purple column on the right of the technology. You receive these points mainly when you have defeated bosses in the world or in dungeons. Bosses are always marked on the map and have a very large life meter.


Catching Pals and Lifmunk statues

It goes without saying that you need Pal Spheres to catch Pals. But how does it actually work? If you have good equipment with you and are strong enough to take on wild Pals, then it's time to start looking for Pals that you want to have in your team. Once you've spotted a Pal, you need to attack it and, at best, push its health meter down to just below zero. Make sure that the Pal does not die on you, especially if you already have Pals with you who will then also attack.

Press the "Q" button to throw the Pal Sphere at the Pal and, while aiming, you can get information about the probability of catching it. The higher the probability, the better the chance of catching the Pal and whether it is a new Pal in your collection. If you throw the Pal Sphere, the Pal is trapped in it and can no longer free itself as long as the probability is very high and it is already yours. A little tip if you don't want to go into battle every time, you can also catch Pals from ambush by sneaking up on them and throwing a Pal Sphere on their back. This gives you extra points and with low level Pals it's a way to catch them without fighting.


As you travel around Palworld and look around, you'll eventually come across green, glowing statues. These are Lifmunk statues that you should always collect so that you can sacrifice them at the Statue of Power to improve your catching skills. Now that's a cool opportunity!

Get Pals into the team and call them to work

You need to organize your Pals at the Pal Box. Depending on what level your Pal Box is already at, you can put a different number of Pals to work. To do this, you need to pay particular attention to the aptitudes and skills of your Pals. Open the box and click on the individual Pal to find out everything about it. In the overview, you will then see the partner ability, active abilities, passive abilities, the health and food display, the values and the skills. The following skills are available:

  • Kindling
  • Planting
  • Handiwork
  • Lumbering
  • Medicine production
  • Transportation
  • Watering
  • Generating electricity
  • Gathering
  • Mining
  • Cooling
  • Farming

Depending on the aptitude and ability of the Pals, you should of course use them accordingly. Initially, all-rounders are very practical, for example those with transportation, crafting, mining and gathering skills. If you have a few suitable Pals at hand, you can drag them down to the "Pals in camp" section and they will start working on their own as soon as there is something to do. On the left in the "Team" list, you will find the Pals that you always have with you on the road. These can be up to five Pals and can be summoned at any time by throwing their sphere to help you, be available as a mount or support you in battle.

Hint: If a Pal is not working where it should or is stuck, you can pick it up and take it to the place where it should or should be working.

The best starter pals

The following pals are perfect to start with:

  • Cattiva: Can be found right at the start and are real all-rounders. They can collect, transport, craft and mine stones. So no matter where there is work to be done, the Cattiva is almost immediately on hand
  • Pengullet: These cute little penguins are from the ice and water class and are therefore perfect for working in your fields and watering them or, for example, cooling an incubator later on if an egg wants to keep it cool
  • Lifmunk: These little buggers are also perfect at crafting, gathering, felling wood, cultivating fields and can even make medicines when they have the chance. If you are already a little further along in the technology department, you can unlock a first weapon for Lifmunk, place it on your head and as soon as you attack, it will immediately start firing eagerly
  • Eikthyrdeer: Another Pal that not only looks beautiful, but is also really talented at felling wood, especially at level 2. As soon as you set up a felling station, this Pal should definitely be in your team
  • Foxparks: This Pal is particularly good at generating fire and is therefore the perfect workhorse for cooking food on the campfire at the beginning or heating up the furnaces when smelting ore later on. It's especially funny with the right harness, because then Foxparks becomes a real flamethrower
  • Cremis and Lamball: These two Pals are quite similar and should be placed and used primarily in a farm, as both will repeatedly drop wool, which is mainly used to make cloth
  • Nitewing: This will probably be your first "mount", but one that travels in the skies of Palworld. It's not particularly fast, but it's certainly suitable for making faster progress
  • Daedream and Depresso: Both pals are very good team pals, especially in the beginning and also later on with higher levels and good skills, because they are incredibly strong in battle and Daedream in particular is very practical, because as soon as you have made its necklace, it is always with you and attacks with magic when you attack
  • Rushoar and Digtoise: The two crushers. Rushoar looks like a large wild boar, on whose back you can sit with a suitable saddle and then perform an attack, with which he dashes against ore boulders and can therefore mine a lot of ore in a short time. It's a similar story with Digtoise. The turtle has an attack that causes it to turn extremely quickly and if this is performed near rocks, a lot of ore is mined very quickly here too
  • Vixy: Not to be underestimated, because as soon as you place this Pal in a farm, it will dig in the ground for items and keep bringing Pal spheres to light. This is of course super practical at the beginning if you don't yet have countless resources for the eternal production of Pal Spheres

By the way, you're not the only one who needs a bed to rest up for upcoming battles or to skip the night. Your Pals also need beds, each one for themselves. After work, they want to rest and when they need a break, a hot spring is a great way to do so.

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