ARK Building - Coolest and best buildings Background

ARK Building - Coolest and best buildings

April 18, 2023
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In ARK: Survival Evolved you have a lot of possibilities to build your dream base alone or with your friends. Whether it's a gigantic TEK base, a tree house or an entire city, there are virtually no limits to your creativity. Here we present some of the coolest and most creative buildings in ARK: SE.

Skyscraper from The Pilgrimz Project

For fans of modern architecture, the Skyscraper by The Pilgrimz Project is a breathtaking sight. A lot of space, storage capacity for all sorts of things, and almost unparalleled in terms of eye-catchingness - if you want to recreate such a building, you'll need a lot of patience and sensitivity.

Huge window fronts and walls shining in the sun provide the modern look and even if it means a lot of work to reproduce such a building, the effort is worth it and will cause big eyes for other players.


Atlantis by Badass Unicorn

Of course, an underwater building can't be missing in our list and what could be better than Atlantis. Building underwater is one of the biggest challenges you'll face when creating buildings.

Atlantis by Badass Unicorn is a brilliant masterpiece and lies hidden deep in the vastness of the ocean. However, not only the look and location of Atlantis are highlights, but also the size and spaces inside will surprise you.


Asian Pagoda by Aaron Longstaff

Aaron Longstaff is also a very talented builder of a wide variety of buildings. With the Asia Pagoda, he has brought to life one of the greatest cultural assets from the Asian region in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Aaron Longstaff's pagoda is located by a waterfall and is surrounded by green trees and steep rock walls. The architecture of the building inspires with its many small details and inside the pagoda also offers decent storage space.


Tree House by Sven P.

The creative mind Sven P. has already created quite a few buildings, be it in ARK: SE, Conan Exiles, Grounded and Minecraft. With the idyllically located tree house by a river, Sven surely appeals to the childlike streak in many of us, because who didn't want to experience their own adventures in a tree house as a little kid?

The picturesque structure is located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by lush greenery and could come straight out of a painting. Not only does it look like paradise, it is also practical and has a decent size, offering plenty of space inside.


Desert Titan Sand Castle by Sven P.

Another masterpiece of Sven P. is the Desert Titan sand castle. Built on a flying dinosaur, Sven once again reaches the dreams from our childhood - because certainly many of us loved to build the biggest castles out of sand.

The highlights of this sand castle are definitely the mobile location on the flying dinosaur and the size and associated space, because for a sand castle there is really a lot of space for all kinds of things.


Hogwarts by Sven P.

For the Harry Potter fans among us, there is the lovingly recreated Hogwarts, also by Sven P.. Huge, with many details and even its own Quidditch field. Everything a wizard's heart desires can be found in this magnificent building.

So if you feel like a more fancy and imaginative building for the environments in ARK and are a fan of the wizarding world around Harry Potter, then the replica Hogwarts is just perfect for you.


Barad-dûr from YuTay

A truly gigantic structure is the Tower of Sauron, Barad-dûr, from The Lord of the Rings. Creator YuTay has undoubtedly put a lot of effort into recreating the giant tower from the movies in true detail.

The Barad-dûr is an impressive sight in itself, but YuTay felt that there were hardly any limits to its height. Because the height that his structure has reached is truly remarkable.


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