The ARK Dinosaurs: The Giganotosaurus Background

The ARK Dinosaurs: The Giganotosaurus

March 7, 2023
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In the survival hit ARK: Survival Evolved you will meet many creatures and dinosaurs of different species. We would like to introduce you to some of them in our blog, starting today with the Giganotosaurus.

Character of the Giganotosaurus

Loner thanks to appearance

As one of the largest and strongest creatures on the island, the Giganotosaurus, or "Giga", is rather rare and can only be found alone. Its aggressive appearance ensures that all other creatures on the island give it a wide berth, and even you should only step VERY well prepared near it.


Bad mood to rage mode

Not only his appearance, but also his naturally bad mood and his rage mode make sure that he is mostly alone. Since the Giga has this considerable size and basic aggressiveness, he attacks everything. It prefers to feed on Brontosaurus, but it will also eat anything else that gets in its way.

If the Giganotosaurus suffers a lot of damage in a short time, for example from C4 or missiles, it switches to the so-called rage mode. If he is in this mode, his eyes glow flaming yellow and are thus an absolute warning. His aggression reaches a whole new level: his stamina is recharged faster and energies are released that make his bites more deadly.

Together with his great aggro range, surprising speed and stately stride length, he can run in and out of almost anything and anyone. This is another point that makes it one of the most dangerous and fastest predators on the island. So for most it means certain death to meet him unprepared.


No weaknesses?

Its enormous size is in many cases a considerable advantage for the Giganotosaurus, but in the water it is its disadvantage, because it can swim only very slowly and has a lower endurance. However, this weakness is again your biggest advantage should you accidentally trigger him. Lure him into deep water and he will drown quite easily.

Likewise, flying animals are a weakness of the dinosaur, as you can do quite a bit of damage to him from the air without him reaching you. This is one of your chances to tame him, but make sure your flying animal has enough stamina and doesn't make an unplanned emergency landing right in front of the Giga - that would be your death.

In the fight against the Giganotosaurus

You should avoid a wild Giganotosaurus at all costs, but if you should fight the Giga intentionally or unintentionally, the following weapons and creatures are best suited:

  • Water or Lava: Lure the Giga into deep water or lava and let it drown or burn there, respectively.
  • Wyvern: Wyvern have one of the best chances against the Dinosaur, but they are rather fragile in comparison and die quickly at the slightest mistake.
  • Lightning Wyvern: They are better than normal Wyvern, because their lightning hits from a safe distance, but be careful about the stamina and the hitboxes of both can get stuck in each other, which is a huge danger
  • Phoenix: With the Phoenix's fireball attack, you can kill the Giganotosaurus slowly but very reliably, as it doesn't need to recharge stamina, but again, make sure to keep enough distance so that the Giga doesn't get angry
  • Griffin: Also with this animal it is possible to kill the Giga, because the rider can carry and fire weapons, but make sure you have enough spare weapons and ammunition
  • Raft: A raft equipped with minigun turrets, missile turrets and a generator is also suitable and you have the advantage, should you run out of ammunition, that you can lure the Giga further into the water and thus let it drown or be captured by other water predators.
  • Species X Plants: Set up several of these plants and lure the Giga to them so they shoot their poisonous spores at it and thus hold it back a bit while you attack it elsewhere, make sure it arrives from the front otherwise the plants can't detect and hit it
  • Titanosaur: Only dinosaur that can kill the Giga head on, and Giganotosaurs don't attack them either - single stomp attacks from the Titanosaur are enough
  • Dragon: Flame damage does not put the Giga into rage mode, so the dragon is a very good aerial weapon

Taming the Giganotosaurus dinosaur

Food for the Giganotosaurus

So that the taming does not take unnecessary time, you should prepare his favorite food. Kibble or dry food from a quetzal egg tastes best to the Giga and ensures that he is quickly tamed. If you don't have Kibble at hand, the following food is also suitable, although it is more time-consuming:

  • Raw mutton, which becomes a cooked lamb chop when boiled
  • Raw filet, which becomes grilled filet by cooking
  • Raw fish filet, which becomes cooked fish filet by cooking
  • Raw meat, which becomes grilled meat by cooking
  • Raw fish, which becomes cooked fish by cooking

Possibilities of taming

The giant dinosaur is not only ferociously dangerous, you also need to outsmart it in order to successfully attack it. Tamed Giganotosaurs are also unpredictable, as they can turn on their own tribe in rage mode and even eat their rider right off the saddle. So the future with a tamed Giga is anything but easy, and yet it is a popular dinosaur to tame, thanks to its power and size.

First of all, prepare well for the attack and stock up on enough weapons and ammunition or get a quetzal on whose back you build a shooting platform and shoot at the Giga until it falls down. However, this method is time-consuming and difficult, as wild dinos notice when they are stunned and move away quickly. So be prepared for a long and energy-sapping hunt.

An easier option is an enclosure built from metal archways in a U-shape, leaving one side open. Place a bear trap in the center of the enclosure and lure the Giganotosaurus in. Once the Giga is stuck, close the open side with another archway and you can shoot it unconscious at your leisure.

Another good option is Smugglers Pass. The high rock walls serve as a natural barrier and all you have to do is build two large dinosaur stone gates with doors and walls. Now lure the Giga into the enclosure with a flying animal such as the Argentavis. From a safe height you can now shoot the Giganotosaurus.

Dazing and feeding

To shoot the Giganotosaurus unconscious, you can best use a crossbow with enough stun arrows, as it fires twice as fast as a shotgun. Due to its high health, you don't have to worry about it dying while you shoot it.

If the Giga is unconscious, you must be urgent to put enough anesthetic in his inventory, as his stupor drops much faster than it rises, and he can suddenly wake up from as little as halfway. Conveniently, an unconscious Giganotosaurus won't be attacked by other creatures, so you can tame it at your leisure.

Always keep in mind that even a tamed Giga is a ticking time bomb. Due to its easy to reach rage mode, it can attack and kill you as a rider and likewise attack everything else around it except other tamed Gigas. However, the Gigas near him can also enter rage mode and that would have devastating consequences on itself, even though the duration of the mode is not that long at a few seconds.

Breed your own Giga Babies

Build an enclosure large enough, place a female and male specimen of a Giganotosaurus in the enclosure each, and set "Wander" from the menu. You can also go directly to "Mating", but you or another player must always be nearby, otherwise the mating will stop.

If the mating was successful and you have a fertilized egg, you should hatch it and for this the ambient temperature of the egg should be between 43 and 44 degrees and in the egg incubator at 44 degrees. The baby will hatch out of the egg after about 30 hours and will then require about 28 hours of your attention, during which you will have to keep adding meat to the Giganotosaurus baby's inventory. Once the baby has reached adolescent status, it can eat on its own.


More tips

  • The Giganotosaurus' rage mode can be triggered by a simple jump of a slope, but you can easily prevent this by getting off the saddle while jumping - this way the Giga will not suffer any damage
  • The saddle for the Giga can be made from level 96 and 75 engram points. You need the following resources: 680 leather, 350 fibers and 120 metal ingots
  • The Giganotosaurus is three times the size of a T-Rex, and with its spiny back, large teeth, and powerful grasping arms, it is a truly fearsome dinosaur
  • Never attack a wild Giganotosaurus with tamed Dinosaurs, including Gigas, as tamed Dinosaurs and Gigas have much less health and strength

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