An overview of the current ARK maps Background

An overview of the current ARK maps

December 20, 2022
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ARK: Survival Evolved is still a very popular game and therefore it is not surprising that there are already 12 maps that provide variety again and again. In this blog article we present you all 12 maps in a small overview and give you information about the most relevant features of each map.

The Island

In 2015, the first map of ARK: Survival Evolved was released for Steam and Xbox, followed by PlayStation in 2016. Therefore, the beginning of the game's success story was created.
The Island is, as the name suggests, an island with several small islands around it, surrounded by water.

On The Island you can find several resources, but also encounter creatures, some of which are monstrous. Likewise, the weather and the temperatures in the different regions, whether mountainous or more rustic, may complicate your life on the island.

Features of The Island

  • Caves: Eleven caves invite you to explore and discover them
  • Arenas: With four arenas, you'll have some bosses to take down
  • Explorer Notes and Dossiers: You can find both scattered around the map.
  • Weather: Rain and fog add to the difficulty, but the rain also helps you stay hydrated
  • Creatures: Find up to 123 creatures on the map
  • Event creatures: During events you can encounter 17 creatures
  • Difficulty level: Low to medium


The Center

2016 also brought the next map directly to the market. The first official non-canon map The Center is characterized by its volcanic island in the north, the two underwater domes and the huge floating island in the western center.

Since the map is quite easy to play and has a lot of resources, you have the opportunity to test and optimize your skills first. Whether it's taming, farming, or exploring and researching, The Center is the perfect environment for you.

Features of The Center

  • Caves: Eight caves ensure fun exploring and discovering
  • Arena: The Center Arena is the only arena on this map
  • Creatures: All except seven creatures from The Island can also be found here.
  • Event Creatures: 15 additional creatures appear during events
  • Artifacts: Eleven artifacts can be found on this map
  • Difficulty: Low to medium


Scorched Earth

In 2016, the first DLC also found its place in ARK: Survival Evolved. Scorched Earth is a map in a desert setting. This ensures that it's rather difficult to play, since you'll have to face the risks of intense heat, which can cause a heat stroke or enormous thirst, for example.

In addition, possible sandstorms will severely reduce your vision, and thunderstorms will make it impossible for firearms to shoot and temporarily shut down electrical devices.

Features of Scorched Earth

  • Arena: The Manticore Arena can be found on Scorched Earth
  • Explorer Notes and Dossiers: Find many of them all over the map
  • Weather: Extreme heat, sandstorms and thunderstorms make your life difficult
  • Creatures: 45 creatures share their place with you on the map
  • Unique creatures: In addition, there are 18 unique creatures
  • Event creatures: Ten event creatures appear during events
  • Items: Find many weapons, armor, tools and some other items
  • Difficulty: High



This map was released in 2017 for ARK: Survival Evolved.
Huge and a bit of everything - this is Ragnarok. Mostly good weather, occasional storms, a volcano that can erupt and let meteorites rain down, characterize this map.

Sunken Viking boats and ruins are two other highlights of Ragnarok. With all the possibilities you have on this map, it's an excellent exploration map to get to know ARK: Survival Evolved well and build up your skills.

Features of Ragnarok

  • Caves: A full 34 caves await your exploration
  • Arenas: In three arenas you can prove your strength
  • Creatures: 126 creatures can be found here
  • Unique creatures: Eight unique creatures can be found on the map with a little research
  • Event creatures: 19 more creatures appear during events
  • Items: Find on Ragnarok for example the Tek-Shield or the Tek-Sword
  • Difficulty: Medium



The map came into the game at the end of 2018.
Explore the corrupted world on Extinction and investigate the devastated planet. Uncover the secrets of the past and save the ruined Earth by finding the keys to redemption.

Extinction is a whole new kind of challenge. Geysers shoot up, meteors fall from the sky, and electromagnetic waves render items like the GPS useless. Mutated creatures are extremely aggressive and gather into a pack when they smell danger.

Features of Extinction

  • Caves and Dungeons: Extinction holds two caves and three dungeons within it
  • Explorer Notes and Dossiers: Both can be found here as well
  • Creatures: 95 creatures live on the destroyed planet
  • Unique Creatures: 15 unique creatures can also be found here
  • Corrupted Creatures: Of course some of the creatures are corrupted too - find up to 18 of them
  • Event Creatures: Extinction brings 18 event creatures to light during events.
  • Items: Many items, like weapons, armor or similar, are hiding on this map
  • Difficulty: Medium to high


Genesis: Part 1

Genesis: Part 1 was released in early 2020. Five different biomes make up the entire map of Genesis: Part 1. A swamp area, a water area with several small islands, an icy landscape, a volcanic landscape and even the moon can be explored on this map.

Due to the different characteristics of each biome, Genesis: Part 1 is not for beginners. The creatures can always behave differently, depending on the biome. If they are rather passive and disinterested in the swamp, they could be aggressive in the icy landscape. In addition, of course, there is the difficulty of the different weather conditions, depending on the biome.

Features of Genesis: Part 1

  • Glitches: Find all glitches and fix them with HLN-A to be able to complete all missions.
  • Missions: A whole 176 missions are waiting for you
  • Unique and Event Creatures: 11 unique and 12 event creatures can be discovered here.
  • X-Creatures: 21 so called X-Creatures can be found in Genesis: Part 1
  • Mission creatures: During missions you can meet 57 new creatures
  • Items: Whether weapons, armor, tools or other items, you will find them here
  • Difficulty: High


Genesis: Part 2

The sequel to Genesis: Part 1 was released in 2021.
Genesis: Part 2 is the biggest map in ARK: Survival Evolved so far and consists of a gigantic spaceship with two rings, which is divided into two main areas. The separation is formed by a kind of bridge called "Tek Trenches".

One ring is "The Eden Zone". A rather ordinary map with all the essentials you need to survive the other ring: the "Corrupted Gardens". Created by Rockwell and completely twisted, this region is additionally populated with creepy creatures.

Features of Genesis: Part 2

  • Explorer Notes: You can find them all over the map in Genesis: Part 2 as well
  • Missions: Just like in Part 1, there are missions to complete in Part 2
  • Unique and Event Creatures: 12 unique and 15 event creatures to explore
  • R-Creatures: 19 R-Creatures can be found, but also the normal version of them
  • Mission creatures: 92 creatures appear only during missions
  • Weapons: A Tek bow with special arrows or a minigun, to name just two examples
  • Difficulty: High


Crystal Isles

Crystal Isles was released in 2020 and got its name from the large crystals that can be found all over the map. You can explore many different biomes on Crystal Isles and with them the creatures, monsters and resources that are offered.

A huge beehive in the form of a cave filled with honey that is the home of large worker bees, a collection of floating islands, or an island that is constantly devoured by thunder and darkness. You can discover all of these in Crystal Isles.

Features of Crystal Isles

  • Arena: Fight here in the Crystal Wyvern Queen Arena
  • Creatures: With 154 creatures, Crystal Isles is one of the liveliest maps in ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Unique Creatures: Six unique creatures make their way into the game, including the Crystal Wyvern
  • Event Creatures: 14 additional event creatures can be discovered
  • Artifacts: Find up to 18 artifacts on the map
  • Difficulty: Medium to high



Aberration came into the game at the end of 2017 and drastic changes follow in ARK: Survival Evolved thanks to this map, which consists mainly of underground biomes, since the world is contaminated. The sun emits radioactive radiation, causing mutations in some creatures and destroying organic life.

To survive in Aberration's huge cave systems, you'll have to get used to new tools such as the grappling hook and gliding suits. It is also advisable to carry a compass or a GPS, so you don't get lost in the dark twists and turns of the caves.

Features of Aberration

  • Explorer Notes and Dossiers: Both can be found on Aberration
  • Environment Features: Earthquakes that leave random objects, extreme temperatures on the surface, dangerous elemental liquids in the depths of Aberration, disease-causing radiation zones, and more
  • Creatures: 58 creatures can be found in total, but only three of them in each area
  • Unique Creatures: Aberration offers 22 unique creatures
  • Event Creatures: Ten creatures spawn during events
  • Radiation Immune Creatures: 12 creatures are immune to the radiation on Aberration
  • Items: You can find many weapons, armor and other tools on the map
  • Difficulty: High



The all-rounder amongst the maps was released in 2019. Valguero offers lush green jungles, icy snowfields, heated deserts and much more. Experience rainbows, auroras and even shooting stars, and enter the radiation area called "Unknown" mindfully.

Find the new "Forsaken Oasis" arena and face three bosses at once. Additionally, you can find the new dinosaur "Deinonychus". The dinosaur attacks mainly when you are near its nest and is known for its nimble nature.

Features of Valguero

  • Caves and ruins: Explore a total of 11 caves and ruins
  • Creatures: 132 creatures spawn on the map
  • Unique creatures: Only two of them exist on Valguero
  • Event creatures: 20 creatures you can discover during events
  • Aberrant creatures: Exclusive to Valguero, 30 in total
  • Artifacts: Find all ten artifacts
  • Difficulty level: Low to medium


Lost Island

At the end of 2021, the current penultimate map found its way to ARK: Survival Evolved. Whether islands, mountains, forests or ruins, you will find almost everything on Lost Island. If you've already spent a few hours in The Elder Scrolls games, you'll notice that the map's developers took an example from the continent of Tamriel.

On the very large and spacious map you can meet three new creatures. You'll find the Amargasaurus, the Dinopithecus and the Sinomacrops on Lost Island, and each of them has different weaknesses, strengths and benefits.

Features of Lost Island

  • Caves and ruins: 19 of them invite you to explore Lost Island
  • Creatures: 155 creatures live on the map
  • Unique creatures: Four unique creatures can be found here
  • Event Creatures: Two Christmas creatures can be seen during events
  • Artifacts: Eleven in number are scattered on the map
  • Difficulty: Low to medium



Fjordur was released in mid-2022 and is the latest map. The newest map for ARK: Survival Evolved offers a breathtaking new world with its Nordic mythology setting. Fjordur features numerous cave systems and three areas that you can explore with the connected portals.

Fjordur consists of four islands: Vardiland, Vannaland, Bolbjord and Balheimr. Whether it's ice and forest landscapes, a gripping volcanic island or slimy swamplands, the vast map with its Nordic mountain scenery offers a lot, especially for the eye.

Features of Fjordur

  • Environmental Features: Snowstorms, northern lights, beaver dams and more provide a unique experience on Fjordur
  • Creatures: 149 creatures roam the Nordic mountains
  • Unique creatures: Ten of them can be found, including the Andrewsarchus, the Desmodus, the Fjordhawk or the mysterious Fenrir
  • Bosses: Four new bosses to fight against
  • Artifacts: Ten artifacts you can collect on Fjordur
  • Difficulty: Low to medium


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