Most popular and best ARK mods Background

Most popular and best ARK mods

January 17, 2023
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ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most played survival games and has quite some followers. Occasionally, you can find one or more modders among the players who enjoy creating all kinds of mods for ARK. We would like to introduce you to some of the - in our opinion - most popular and best ones here in our blog.

Upgrade Station

The mod Upgrade Station by the creator "Ghazlawl" adds a new crafting station to ARK: Survival Evolved. This allows you to upgrade your weapons, armor, items and saddles and improve its quality from simple to high quality.

Features of the mod

  • New crafting station
  • Quality of all possible items can be increased
  • Other items from mods are also compatible


Structures Plus

One of the most popular mods for ARK is Structures Plus. This mod adds structures, features, items and other practical things for the game that help you build and are equally helpful in other situations.

Features of the mod

  • Various building features such as stackable foundations, snap-in walls and structures
  • Facilitating features such as crafting stations that can be locked with a PIN or doors that can open and close automatically
  • Improvements to existing structures
  • NPC structures such as a nanny who takes care of feeding the baby dinos and can imprint dinos
  • Many more new items and NPC characters to support you
  • Loud structures become quieter and are therefore more gentle on your ears

Immersive Taming

The new way of taming. With Immersive Taming you get an alternative to the previous taming method in ARK, which is always the same: stun, feed, keep under anesthesia, wait and you're done. Thanks to Immersive Taming you will be able to build a friendship with a wild dinosaur and thus tame it.

Features of the mod

  • Let the dinosaur eat from your hand instead from the ground
  • Pet the dinosaur and increase the taming effectiveness
  • Protect your dinosaur from outside attacks and increase the taming effectiveness as well
  • Dinos can protect you and thus also increase the taming effectiveness

Death Recovery Mod

Your personal tombstone that helps you recover your lost items after your death thanks to the Death Recovery Mod. As a race or tribe, you can even build a kind of graveyard with others, where everyone can place their own tombstone.

Features of the mod

  • Place the tombstone in close range to a bed
  • Each tombstone can be used only by one and the person who placed the tombstone
  • After activation all items will be put back into your inventory
  • Take care of the tombstone, because after some time it will wear out
  • All your tombstones, and also new ones added by you, have the same timer as your other or previous ones


Ultra Stacks

The name says it all: Ultra Stacks ensures that your resources and items can be stacked in incredibly large quantities. Also, this mod changes the weight of the items, which is why you can carry more of them.

Features of the mod

  • Some items have received doubled spoilage time, some even more, for example prime meats like Prime Meat varieties
  • Reduces the weight of items significantly, so you can carry more - convenient for people with always bulging inventory
  • Stacks of 200 units grow to 10,000 for example


Creature Finder Deluxe

Thanks to Creature Finder Deluxe by creator "Grebog" it is made quite easy for you to find tamed or even wild creatures and dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved. If you have your eye on a particular creature or have lost one of your dinos, you can easily find it using the mod's filter.

Features of the mod

  • Search via the filter, a specific creature or dinosaur and it will be highlighted
  • Green mark = in the immediate vicinity, red mark = further away
  • The exact distance to the animal will be shown as a number
  • Find all animals on the map - also in caves


Primal Fear

Many different dinosaurs and useful items are added thanks to the great Primal Fear mod. Additionally, there are new tameable dino levels and you can tame Toxics, Alphas, Apex, Fabled, Buffoon, Celestial, Demonic, Elder and Elemental.

Features of the mod

  • Tame and breed all-new creatures to enhance your ARK experience
  • New taming mechanics
  • Customizable and multi-level Kibble system
  • New and stronger weapons and armor as well
  • Many more items and items that give a new perspective on the game

Visuals and aesthetics

Now that we've introduced you to several helpful mods, here are three more mods that focus more on the aesthetics and visuals of ARK: Survival Evolved.

RP Visual Storage

This mod changes the appearance from the previous storage options in the game. If you don't like the normal look of chests and more, this mod is a great option for you.

Features of the mod

  • Visual changes to the storage options
  • Over 40 new storage containers
  • Refrigerators, tool racks and even weapon cabinets for visual presentation are included


Platforms Plus

With Platforms Plus you can create breathtaking structures at lofty heights in trees, which are easily visible from afar and are a new type of the previous base buildings.

Features of the mod

  • Extended ceilings, ladders, ramps and walkways are just some of the new and revised structures
  • New elements made of stone, glass, wood, metal and tek
  • Doors can be customized with different settings regarding automatic or manual closure

Ark Steampunk Mod

In this mod, ARK gets a superior steampunk look atmosphere thanks to various items. After making some copper plates, you can get started and give the game a new look.

Features of the mod

  • Submarines, airships and armors are some of the new items
  • Lots of decoration in the form of chests of drawers, lamps and more
  • Three new forges: Copper Blast Forge, Industrial Copper Forge, Multi-Forge


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