ARK Taming Guide - How to tame dinosaurs in ARK Background

ARK Taming Guide - How to tame dinosaurs in ARK

January 10, 2023
7 minutes to read

ARK: Survival Evolved has quite a few creatures to offer; whether they are pterosaurs, fish, reptiles or other creatures. Several of them have valuable abilities that are beneficial on the island. In order to use them for yourself, you'll have to tame the creatures using various methods and ways. You can get tips on how to do that here in the blog article.

The basic steps

Preparation is everything

First of all, you should think carefully about which creature you want to tame. This will determine the rest of the procedure, such as what weapons you should use to achieve the unconsciousness of your target, what food you should pack in the best case and, most importantly, how much time and effort you need to plan.

Once you have chosen your creature of choice and know that it can serve as a mount, you should also make a saddle for it and take it with you. This will allow you to use the creature or dinosaur directly as a mount if it is successfully tamed.

Sneak, observe and attack

Once you've spotted your target, depending on the creature, position yourself near it or get a little distance away and watch the animal with binoculars to find out its level. If the dinosaur or creature is very fast or can jump, look for a position that is a bit away and higher to avoid being attacked and, in the worst case, killed.

So once you've found a good spot and observed the creature extensively, it's time to attack it and send it off to the land of dreams. Use your fists or wooden club for this, especially at the beginning of the game, for example with a dodo, and in the advanced game an electric rod, a bow - possibly with stun arrows - or a rifle equipped with stun darts.

No unnecessary torture

You must be careful not to inflict too much damage on the creature, or ideally none at all. For creatures with little health, which are especially interesting for you in the beginning, you should strike carefully with your bare fists or lightly with a wooden club. The head is the point you should most likely target on most animals.

The most effective, but also the most expensive in terms of resources, are stun arrows, which you can shoot with a bow or a crossbow, or a rifle with stun darts. The positive features of the stun darts and stun arrows are the fast effect, the safe distance attack and additionally no unnecessary damage is done to the creature.

If you can already call a tamed scorpion your own, its poison sting can also be used as a stun. However, if you hit a creature with low health too hard or use too much force on other creatures, they may die. You should also make sure that you tame the animal in a secluded place to protect it from attack.

The right food - or kibble for all

A very important point for the success of the taming is the right food. Here you can find a small overview:


  • Berries, if their hunger falls below 20 points and mejoberries if it falls below 30 points
  • Vegetables and fruits, when their hunger falls below 40 points

Carnivores, when their hunger falls below 50 points

  • Meat: Raw Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Meat, Raw Meat, Cooked Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Raw Fish Meat, Cooked Fish Meat
  • Dry Meat: Prime Meat Jerky or Meat Jerky

Spiders and scorpions prefer to eat Spoiled Meat. However, almost all creatures on the island agree and love to eat Kibble as soon as their hunger drops below 80 points. The basic recipe for Kibble is as follows:

  • One egg, possibly of a special species
  • Berries
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Mushrooms, flowers or honey
  • Fish, meat or cooked meals
  • Possibly resin
  • Five fibers

Put the appropriate food into the inventory of the unconscious creature and it will start eating. If you feed the animal its favorite food, it will have only advantages: Less of it is needed, taming goes faster, and effectiveness stays higher.

Keeping an eye on the Taming Panel

The so-called Taming Panel is a helpful overview for you, which appears above the animal as soon as it is unconscious. In the Taming Panel you can find the progress of the taming in the Taming Bar, which increases when the creature eats. Additionally, you have an overview of the level of unconsciousness, this is best maintained by anesthetic berries or narcotic ointment.

The third important point of the Taming Panel is the Taming Effectiveness. This view shows what bonus and how much strength the creature can show after successful taming. Each dinosaur and creature starts at 100% and the effectiveness decreases with each time food is eaten from the inventory and external damage is added to the creature.


Other important tips

  1. Protection: During taming, place spikes around the creature to protect it, and possibly get an armed other player to help protect it from attacks
  2. Taming Pen: You can achieve even better protection with a Taming Pen, which is an enclosure specifically for taming
  3. Taming duration: Depending on the level of the animal to be tamed, the taming can last from several minutes to a few hours
  • Unrideable animal: If the creature is not rideable, you can whistle in the direction of your new companion and it will follow you, but it will be a long and possibly dangerous way home
  1. Anesthetic berries and Narcotic: The berries work well too, but the narcotic ointment is more effective, put it in the creature's inventory and click "use item" or "remote use item"
  2. Kibble: Make the appropriate Kibble for your targeted creature by using the preferred egg for it - Kibble ensures fast taming, so for some creatures the time is even shortened by several hours
  3. Taming Calculator: For a simple overview you can use a so-called Taming Calculator from the Internet, which shows you how to tame your desired creature most effectively. We recommend two calculators: German Taming Calculator - English Taming Calculator

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