Enshrouded Update #1: the Hollow Halls are waiting Background

Enshrouded Update #1: the Hollow Halls are waiting

March 28, 2024
3 minutes to read

Completely unexpected and as a fitting surprise right before Easter, Keen Games thought it would be the perfect time for a first big update for Enshrouded. We take a look at what's included in our GPORTAL blog and take a closer look at the new Hollow Halls dungeons.

What does the big Enshrouded update contain?

In addition to the new dungeons, which we will talk about in more detail later, the update also includes a number of other new features and cool gadgets. For example, you can give your character a little break after exhausting exploration tours and battles, as the update includes the option for your character to sit on benches, chairs, thrones or toilets. Okay, the last option is perhaps less for resting, but everyone is welcome to sit where they like.

Otherwise, Emily, the farmer, and Cade, the carpenter, have new items for you. Emily gives you the opportunity to make new flower pots to bring some life to the gloomy and foggy Embervale. In addition, you can now grow new tree seedlings in the planting bed and some trees have even been given further stages of growth. Cade, on the other hand, has brought a breath of fresh air to the interior with new round doors and windows, giving you more options for the atmosphere of your base. In addition to the village called "Willow Crush" in the Revelwood biome, other areas have been revised and improved, so it's time for another tour to discover the many changes.

We will now list further new features and changes from Enshrouded Update #1 below:

  • New possible changes in the settings, including turning off the optional and goosebump-inducing microspiders
  • Performance has been improved and is constantly being worked on
  • If you have already unlocked the "Multishot" skill, you can look forward to no longer using several special arrows at once
  • New background music for different areas
  • Emily now gives you the option to create flower soil that allows flowers to grow faster than on normal soil
  • Items from magic chests can now also be used automatically when crafting
  • Splitting stacks has been made simpler and you can now choose the size of the stacks yourself
  • Items can now be crafted in stacks
  • You can use a new in-game ping function with friends so that you can mark a specific area on the map and sharing items with friends is easier as you will receive direct feedback if the other player's inventory is already full
  • You can now easily search and favorite your server for a faster gameplay experience
  • The buttons for jumping and gliding can be assigned individually
  • and many other fixes and new features

The new Enshrouded Hollow Halls dungeons

Now we finally come to the most exciting part of the Enshrouded update: the Hollow Halls. The new dungeons can be found in every biome of Embervale and you can easily start by talking to the alchemist Balthazar. He has a new quest ready for you that will take you straight to the first new dungeon. The Hollow Halls are not only exciting because they are new and you can explore them - you will soon realize that the new enemies in the dungeons are not to be trifled with and the gloomy and dark atmosphere in the Hollow Halls provides further nerve-wracking tension.

The Hollow Halls dungeons are quite extensive and therefore require not only good preparation in terms of equipment and food, but also endurance. However, Keen Games has not let itself get carried away and offers you regular save points and stations where you can, for example, get your weapons back into shape. In addition to exciting riddles, there are also some new enemies waiting for you who are really up for trouble. These include simple skeletons, but also skeleton dogs and skeleton mages and other nasty creatures such as reapers, (electric) bats and flying skulls. You see, always be on your guard against dangers and complete upcoming riddles in the shortest possible time so that the enemies don't even have time to respawn completely.


Otherwise, keep an eye out for hidden areas where you can find chests with valuable loot, for example. The Hollow Halls unlock the following new items and features:

  • New weapons: so far we have found two new weapons with an impressive skull design, a one-handed mace and a bow with matching and very authentic bone arrows
  • New NPC: you can also find a new NPC called Alden Crowley. He can upgrade your bone weapons and has new recipes for furniture and magic
  • New building blocks and decorations can be found and used in the style of the Hollow Halls dungeons
  • New materials: Ectoplasm Fragment is one of the new materials. This is needed for crafting with the new NPC. In addition, there is now also red marble
  • New magic: you can use the new magic to temporarily summon skeletons that support you in fierce battles and fire a kind of green lightning at enemies that does a lot of damage
  • Another new crafting station with some new recipes

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