Conan Exiles Age of War: Sacred Hunt and more Background

Conan Exiles Age of War: Sacred Hunt and more

April 9, 2024
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With the latest update for Conan Exiles in the form of the 4th chapter for the Age of War, we are also heading straight towards the end of the Age of War. But don't worry, a new age will certainly not be too long in coming. Find out what Conan Exiles Age of War entails and what the Sacred Hunt is all about in the GPORTAL blog.

Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 1

So that we can fully immerse ourselves in the stories of the Age of War, let's take another quick look at the content of the individual chapters. Chapter 1 marked the start of the Age of War and offered all kinds of new features, especially with regard to clans. Here is a brief overview of what has been added and changed in Chapter 1:

  • Clan totems can be crafted
  • There are also clan emblems. These can be edited by any authorized person and appear on flags, clan armor, shields, carpets and horse headgear, among other things
  • There were all kinds of new challenges to complete
  • There were also all sorts of fixes to improve building, crafting, AI and NPCs. In addition, further balance updates were carried out

Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 2

After the first chapter was all about the clans, the main topic in Age of War Chapter 2 revolves around loot and purge. The loot system has been completely overhauled and you can find better and rarer items in chests where you may have previously only found individual resources. Thanks to Age of War Chapter 2, you can virtually control the Purge and prepare yourself better for attacks than before, but be aware that the Purge must be ended by the death of the leader, otherwise you will quickly find yourself looking foolish and your entire fortress can be destroyed.

Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 3

Chapter 2 was all about reworking the Purges. However, this changed somewhat with Age of War Chapter 3, in which you were given the opportunity to turn the tables, as you can now take on the role of the attacker and bring down the Stygian fortress. Be prepared for a few obstacles, however, as the Stygians also know how to defend themselves. It's worth it, though, because precious treasures await you inside the fortress. Another big point in Chapter 3 is the new tavern system. After all the work you've done, the purges you've fended off and your attacks on the Stygians, you and your fellow warriors need a well-deserved break. You can now treat yourself to this in your own tavern. That's right - free a host from an enemy camp and build your own tavern with his help, furnish it further and further, recruit upcoming NPCs and enjoy the peace and quiet with your friends in a cozy atmosphere.

Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 4

Now that we've taken a quick look at the previous chapters of Age of War, here's the content for Chapter 4. We'll now list the exact changes and new features of Age of War Chapter 4:

  1. Fatalities: originally inspired by Age of Conan, Age of War Chapter 4 introduces a Fatality System to the game. These new ways to strike down dazed opponents are incredibly brutal and barbaric. There's a whole range of new death animations depending on which weapon you use. Bring your human enemy's health to zero and let the slashing begin!
  2. Sacred Hunt Event: the new Sacred Hunt event brings a lot of variety to Conan Exiles and is all in the name of Jhebbal Sag. You have to pass a whole series of different tests to prove your strength. In addition to the honor of Jhebbal Sag, you can also unlock new recipes. The event should also play a role in future updates, as it could theoretically be activated and used again and again
  3. Expansion of the Purge system: from now on, war and defense against wizards, thieves and golems, for example, can also be waged and upgraded. Wizards who want to rain down destructive meteorites or thieves who use their cunning abilities to find ways to bring down or circumvent your defenses. Upgrade your defense and strengthen your defensive power. The new and hard-hitting Ballista, which makes quite an impression, is particularly helpful here
  4. New character: you haven't built your own tavern yet? Then it's high time you did. A new and very important character will be making his way to your tavern to bring you valuable information
  5. Follower control: Follower control has been revised and improved
  6. In addition to numerous QoL updates, there are many more fixes and patches with Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 4. You can find the entire Age of War Chapter 4 patch notes by following the link

Note: in each chapter of the Age of War you had or have the opportunity to unlock and obtain seasonal and matching items, armor and other objects. Currently you still have the chance to get all kinds of cool items from Chapter 4 of the Age of Conan, so take advantage of it!

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