Conan Exiles: Animal Taming Guide Background

Conan Exiles: Animal Taming Guide

October 4, 2023
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To survive in the gloomy and barbaric world of Conan Exiles, you will need to be well versed in defense and master the art of fighting with all sorts of weapons. If you need support in defending your base or a companion to carry burdens for you and be by your side in battles, tamed animals are a good choice.

Which animals can be tamed?

In Conan Exiles there are all sorts of animal babies that you can tame and use as fighting machines or defensive positions after successful taming and transformation. The following is an excerpt of the baby animals that you can tame and use for yourself in Conan Exiles.

  • Giraffes, jaguars, lions, tigers and elephants: you can find these animals in the savannah regions of the Exiled Lands. Only the tiger can also be found in jungle regions
  • Bears, wild boars, gorillas, panthers and saber-toothed tigers: in jungle and tundra regions you will meet these animal babies, which not only show speed, but also strength, especially in the form of a bear or gorilla
  • Wolves, camels, ostriches, Siptah pelicans, and hyenas: can be found in the north of the desert or in the Isle of Siptah and here especially the camels are interesting, why you will find out below
  • Komodos, salamanders, scaled lacerta, scorpions, shalebacks, turtles, spiders and crocodiles: the animals already listed above, you will encounter in Conan Exiles mainly as baby animals, while you will have to buy these seven specimens as eggs and hatch them. You can also find some eggs in the Exiled Lands, but they are only suitable for eating
  • Horses and rhinos: horses can be found in tundra regions and in the north, while rhinos can be found in savannah regions. These two animals are very popular, the reason you will also learn below


Hint: some baby animals can also be bought from NPCs, for example you can buy a baby camel for only 10 gold coins from Urik, the master tamer in the desert.

Finding baby animals and obtaining eggs

There are all kinds of animals that you need to find as baby animals or buy eggs and hatch them. Once you have made all the important preparations and are well equipped, you can set out. You can recognize baby animals by the fact that they are smaller than their fellow animals, but you have to be careful, because the babies will quickly flee as soon as they smell danger. So sneak up on the group quietly and either take out all the big animals or stun them and wait a short while until the baby animals dare to come out of their hiding places again. Now you just have to put the baby in your inventory and you can bring it back home. You can buy animal eggs from various NPCs, but to get there you should have a higher level and be very well equipped.

The taming and care of the Conan Exiles animals

To get the animal babies, you need to take a look at your talents from level 13 and learn the tamer talent. From now on you can build two animal enclosures, once the small animal enclosure and once the classic animal enclosure. Additionally, as the game progresses, you will have the option to build an upgraded animal enclosure and an armored animal enclosure. Another help for hatching the animal eggs is a compost pile, in which you can place the egg and the time of hatching is then reduced to only two hours before you can tame the baby animal in turn.

In order to provide the animals with food during the process of taming, you should also make a food box for each animal, in which you then place enough food for the respective animal. It is important to make sure that you make the right food for your chosen animal, so that the chance of getting a larger version of the animal is increased. The most important thing to mention here is the Conan Exiles shade spice, which you can get from the shade flower. You can get the shade flower from completed bosses in the dungeon called Midnight Grove. Make the perfect food in the oven by combining the shade flower with the animal's favorite food and watch your baby animal grow into a powerful fighting machine. For all the items for taming you will need the following resources:

  • Small animal enclosure: 100x Wood, 75x Stone and 5x Twine. In the small animal enclosure you can tame one animal at a time
  • Classic animal enclosure: 400x Wood, 300x Stone and 20x Twine. Here you already have the possibility to tame five animals at once
  • Enhanced animal enclosure: 60x Shaped Wood, 50x Brick and 50x Iron Reinforcement. This enclosure can also hold five animals at once, but it is faster than the classic animal enclosure
  • Armored animal enclosure: 100x Hardened Brick, 50x Steel Reinforcement, and 30x Insulated Wood. This is the enclosure in which you will get your animals tamed the fastest
  • Compost pile: 20x Shaped Wood
  • Food box: 100x Wood and 25x Twig


Now you know how to tame most animals, but what about horses? Here it is actually a bit different, because you first need to build a stable to turn a foal into a horse. For the stable you need 15x Brick, 10x Molded Wood and 10x Twine. You can find everything about horses in Conan Exiles in our Conan Exiles Horse Guide. When you are traveling with your animal companions, you should carry food for them so that you can give them different buffs and provide them with certain food during their advancement to improve their abilities.

What are the uses of the animals?

If you have tamed your first animals and you already have a considerable troop together, you can use a camel, for example, to use it as a strong beast of burden on, for example, loot tours after successful taming. Elephants and rhinos are also perfect for this purpose, as they have more inventory space than other animal companions.

If you rather rely on strong companions that support you as a fighting machine, you should go for agile and aggressive animals such as lions and tigers, for example, which are a good help with their power. Other exciting animals during battles are spiders and scorpions, which can weaken your opponents properly with their poisonous attacks from a distance or up close.

Horses and rhinos should be considered as a separate category, since these are the only two animals that you can use as mounts, equipped with a saddle, and fight sitting on them. Then there is the possibility of using tamed animals to help defend your base, and strong animals like bears or wild boars come in handy here. As you can see, not only Thralls are an important point in Conan Exiles, but also tamed animals make your life much easier and of course you feel less lonely.


Note: if you are roaming with your companions and you get into a fight or encounter enemies, you should take good care of your animals, because it may be that sometimes it is better to choose to retreat. Keep in mind that if one of your animals dies, they are also irrecoverable.

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