Conan Exiles Thralls Guide Background

Conan Exiles Thralls Guide

September 26, 2023
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Thralls in Conan Exiles are a very important thing while you have to survive in the barbarian world. Make them your personal servants and have them work for you at the workbench, cook and fight. A guide to the Conan Exiles Thralls will follow here on the GPORTAL blog.

What you can use Thralls for

You can use the thralls in Conan Exiles for all kinds of tasks, be it for the defense of your base by placing them equipped with weapons on guard towers or near the entrances or you use the crafting thralls that help you at various workbenches to produce weapons, armor or tools. The higher the level of the thrall placed at the workbench, the less resources it needs to produce and the faster it is. Also handy are the better items that higher level thralls can make. Other thralls have the ability to cast spells on weapons and armor, which gives them different bonuses.

From slave to servant

Starting at level 10, you gain the ability to bind thralls. But before you set out to find thralls and recruit them for yourself, you first have to prepare everything for the return. Build a Lesser Wheel of Pain, make enough bindings to keep your chosen one from going berserk, cook a small supply of foul-smelling gruel, and most importantly, remember the truncheon to render the thrall unconscious. You will need the following resources for the wheels of pain, the bindings, the gruel and the truncheon:

  • Lesser Wheel of Pain: 200x Wood, 200x Stone, 50x Iron Ingots, and 50x Twine. In the lesser wheel of pains can be placed 1 thrall
  • Wheel of Pain: 200x Iron Reinforcement, 75x Shaped Wood, 50x Brick, and 50x Twine. In the wheel of pain you can place 4 thralls at the same time
  • Greater Wheel of Pain: 200x Insulated Wood, 200x Hardened Brick, 200x Steel Reinforcement, and 150x Twine. The large wheel of pain can hold up to 8 thralls at a time
  • Bindings: 5x Twine and 5x Plant Fiber
  • Gruel: 5x Plant Fiber and 1x Seed
  • Truncheon: 8x Leather, 5x Plant Fiber and 5x Branch


Once everything is prepared so far, you should head out and look for the appropriate first thrall. You can find out where to find them below. Once you have chosen a thrall for yourself, you need to knock it unconscious with your manufactured truncheon. You cannot choose any other weapon for this, otherwise you will damage his health, but it is important that he does not die, otherwise you will have lost the thrall, of course. If you hit him with the truncheon, another small white bar will appear above the actual health indicator. When it runs out, the thrall will fall unconscious. Now it's time to attach the bindings and bring him back to your base.


Once at the base, place the thrall directly in the lesser wheel of pain and add gruel to the inventory to keep it supplied. The higher the level of the thrall, the longer it will take for the thrall to transform into your servant. Thralls come in four levels, with the fourth level representing the legendary thralls that you cannot quite easily find and bring to you. If the wheel stops moving and the thrall is still visible, it has probably run out of food, but if it stops and the thrall is not visible, the transformation to servant is complete.

Note: in the wheel of pain, you will find the thrall's name and its associated stats. These are important to plan where you can use it and it will be most efficient.

Thrall locations

You can find thralls in camps, dungeons, or just roaming around in the desert. Should you decide to seek out a camp, you need to stock up on weapons and armor beforehand, so that at best you can immobilize the camp and then take your time knocking your chosen thrall unconscious and tying him up. Dungeons are not recommended at first for your first servants, as they are very dangerous and contain all sorts of aggressive and strong creatures.


Fighter or craftsman?

As described above, there are many different types of thralls, including the more artisan ones or the ones that are better off in the world as your followers. Craftsman thralls, for example, you can use in the kitchen or at the workbench, and they can even level up as they pursue their craft. The higher level thralls are especially handy, as they can unlock new recipes and add various bonuses to your items.

At first, the more combative thralls are probably best for you, since you can place them freely in the world and they can follow you or defend your base from uninvited guests. Thralls that follow you can be fighters with swords or archers with, surprise surprise, a bow. However, you can also equip them with weapons and armor so that they can be more helpful to you during a fight. Otherwise, there are the thralls that follow you around to transport resources and items for you or are placed in the base to entertain you with a dynamic dance, for example.


Find Legendary Thralls

As support in the gloomy world of Conan Exiles, thralls are always welcome, no matter what level they are. However, besides the general thralls of levels 1 to 3, there are also the legendary thralls, which have level 4. You can recognize the legendary thralls by the fact that they have their own name and, for example, as a craftsman at a workbench, whether an alchemist or a weaponsmith, they have their own recipes and can give practical bonuses to the respective items.

You can find the legendary thralls, for example, in high-level camps or caves, but you should equip and prepare yourself well beforehand, because excursions and the search for the best Conan Exiles thralls will not be a walk in the park. Either you will have to fight all sorts of very strong opponents at the same time, or even fight energy-sapping battles against bosses, and at best, of course, win to get legendary thralls.


Benefits of Legendary Thralls

If you are lucky enough to have one or even more legendary thralls, you can use them for various things, just like the other thralls. From blacksmithing to tannery to defense, the legendary thralls all have their own unique identities that bring with them individual traits and characteristics that require some oversight. In fact, with the legendary thralls, it's not quite as simple as just placing a crafting thrall at the forge and then leveling up. If you have a legendary thrall that carries blacksmithing as a trait, it will have an additional ability, with which it will focus on a specific point while forging and can, for example, craft rare weapons.

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