Conan Exiles Dungeons: Overview - Part 2 | GPORTAL Background

Conan Exiles Dungeons: Overview - Part 2 | GPORTAL

November 3, 2023
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The Conan Exiles dungeons hold some surprises, valuable items and most of all challenging boss fights for you. After we looked at Part 1 of the Conan Exiles Dungeons last time, now Part 2 follows in the GPORTAL Blog.

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The Passage


This dungeon is rather unusual unlike the others, as it is actually just a passage from the jungle to the northern snow biome. Before you get to the boss of this dungeon, you will have to get past a few enemies, including red widow and gray spiders. You will notice pretty quickly that the dungeon already experienced quite a bit, because not only the walls suggest that, at the very latest inside you will encounter a destroyed bridge, on which you first have to climb down and then climb up again. In addition to destroyed walls and the bridge, you will also encounter partially flooded junctions, where old shipwrecks are located. The boss called Sand Reaper Hive Queen is one of the weaker bosses in the whole Conan Exiles dungeons, however, she attacks with poison and therefore you should have potions with you to counteract it as a precaution. Besides crystals that you can mine at certain points of the dungeon, there is the following loot after successfully fighting the boss:

  • Broken Scourgestone piece: this is a piece of the legendary Scourgestone, however, it is broken and needs to be put together by someone who understands the power
  • Sand Reaper's Toxic Gland: you can apply the toxin to matching blades and thus pass it on to your opponents. If the poison touches skin, it causes the skin to fall off
  • Chitin: forms a protection of the armored insects and creatures in Conan Exiles
  • Feral Flesh: should be processed quickly so that it does not turn bad

The Scorpion Den


In the silver mine of Sepermeru lies the next dungeon. The Scorpion's Den is located in the old Silver Mine, and as the name suggests, you can grab some silver there even if you do not feel like doing a dungeon right now. The fastest way to get to the boss of the cave, the Ancient Scorpion Queen, is via the path of the rails. However, if you descend into one of the various forks, you can grab all sorts of items and high-value loot by killing the enemies that appear. If you follow the tracks, you will encounter some scorpions and eventually the Scorpion King, which can be seen as a precursor to the dungeon boss. Once you have slain the Scorpion King, you can get a skeleton key from him, which you can use to open a legendary chest.

Once you get to the Scorpion Queen, you can expect a longer fight, since she has a lot of health and high armor, but her attacks are quick to spot and dodge accordingly. Once the Scorpion Queen is killed, you can get some loot, including the following items:

  • Legendary Shield: the Legendary Scorpion Shield is made from the Scorpion Queen's armor and is extremely durable
  • Scorpion Egg: from this egg you can grow your own scorpion companion. Which animal companions you can tame, you can read in our Conan Exiles Taming Guide
  • Scorpion Queen's Venom Gland: as with the walkthrough dungeon, the Scorpion Queen also gives you a Venom Gland, which you can also use for certain blades
  • Scorpion Queen Poison (Knowledge): with the knowledge you learn the recipe for the poison potion, with which you can rub daggers, handy if you want to inflict additional poison damage to enemies
  • Ichor, Chitin or Feral Flesh

The Well of Skelos


Deep inside the volcano you will find The Well of Skelos as the next dungeon. Since the path inside the volcano is surrounded by lava, you must be very careful not to stray from the narrow path. Inside the volcano, however, you will find not only the path to The Well of Skelos, but also some NPCs and enemies, plus many levels to explore. In the forks you can find all sorts of items, such as chests with high-quality loot or the volcano forge.

Of course, if you go to the Well of Skelos, you will have to clear out some enemies to get to the boss, The Degenerate. The boss is rather easy to defeat, unlike the way in and the rest of the volcano, because he does not have a lot of health. Once you have killed him, he will drop The Shining Trapezohedron, one of the six artifacts for the Keystone. To get the knowledge about the Obsidian Weapons recipes, you need to interact with a stele behind the boss. You will get the knowledge for the Serpent Man weapons on the upper floors, and for that you should be able to handle the heat well and have enough stamina. In addition, be prepared for fights, because the upper floors are populated by serpent people and, of course, guarded.

Wine Cellar


The Wine Cellar is located behind the tavern in Sepermeru, there you have to go through the door and then you will stand directly in the dark and foggy dungeon. On the way to the boss you will have to fight off and kill some skeletons and other enemies, and most importantly you can find Khari Steel in the numerous relic chests. For more orientation in the dungeon, you can light the torches along the way to mark where you have already been.

Once you have reached the end of the Wine Cellar, you must now face the boss named Thag. To summon him, you need to light the ring of fire on the floor and wait a moment. The demon Thag is one of the bosses with very high health, along with the Warmaker's Sanctuary boss. During the fight, he goes through several phases in which he will shoot blue flames from the ground, summon small helpers that will keep you on your toes or inflict poison damage with his giant mace. The poison also sticks to the ground and causes continuous damage as soon as you come into contact with it. Additionally, the boss room is condensed with dark fog, which does not make the fight any easier. You will receive the following loot after successfully fighting the boss:

  • Mace and Scythe of Thag: two legendary weapons that are extremely strong (at 1% there is even a chance of getting the Hammer of Thag)
  • 5-10x Khari Steel
  • 1 of 4 Khari recipes to make Khari armor or a weapon

It is really also worth taking up the fight against the other creatures and mini-bosses of the dungeon, as valuable loot awaits you here as well.

Warmaker's Sanctuary


The last dungeon we would like to introduce to you is the Warmaker's Sanctuary, which is really big and, besides some puzzles, also holds one of the strongest bosses in the game, if not the strongest. So you should have a very high level and be equipped with the strongest and best armor and weapons before heading to the Warmaker's Sanctuary. Inside, in addition to numerous chests with high-value items, many hostile enemies and some traps await you, which will make it extremely difficult for you to get through.

In the individual rooms of the dungeon you will encounter different enemies, which resemble mini-bosses in terms of their strength and demand quite a bit of time and power from you. There are puzzles that you have to solve in order to advance. For example, there is the interior of the sanctuary, where you must solve a puzzle with three statues that all belong in a specific place. If you place them incorrectly, a trap will activate that will have a bleeding effect on you. If you go down the stairs in the dungeons, you will need to carry a good light source with you, as it is actually very dark down there and there are some traps hiding in the darkness that could be accidentally triggered when you fight the numerous enemies in side rooms. You do not have to fight every battle, however some are well worth it as it gives you a chance to get some valuable loot.

Once you are in the Champion's Arena, you will directly encounter the final boss called Champion of the Warmaker. He stands with his back to you in the middle of the room, surrounded by the fire bowls that light up the large and gloomy room. Pay special attention to the floor, because there are some traps placed there, and they are hard to see, because the room is very dark, despite the fire bowls. If you have already won the fight against the Arena Champion, you know roughly what you will have to face now. The boss deals very high damage with each hit, is extremely well armored and has several phases during the fight. After losing 25% health, it gets faster, stronger and bigger, and after losing 50% health, it gets a bit bigger again. Once you win over this boss and thus dungeon, you can gain some valuable knowledge and collect extremely good loot. A list follows below:

  • You can get the following knowledge from two steles located in the back of the arena: Godbreaker Armor, Warmaker Weapons, Grandmaster Armorsmith, and Grandmaster Weaponsmith
  • 10-15x Armor Scraps and with a 25% chance a legendary weapon

Nevertheless, remember that there is a lot to discover in all the rooms of the dungeon and loot that is very high quality, even if the way to get there is usually lengthy and difficult.

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