Conan Exiles Map Room Guide Background

Conan Exiles Map Room Guide

June 20, 2023
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The world of Conan Exiles is barbaric, gloomy and most of all one thing: large - very large. Of course you wish you had the possibility of fast travel and we have good news for you, because that is exactly what the map room in Conan Exiles is for. You can find out how it works and everything else here in the GPORTAL blog.

What is the purpose of the map room?

In the beginning, of course, it is exciting in every game to discover the world and gradually reveal the complete map, but at some point it becomes tedious because you eventually only need certain resources or want to travel quickly to a specific location. This is exactly what you can use fast travel for in Conan Exiles, and for this you will need the map room as well as obelisks.

Crafting and using the map room

Once you have made your way to the first obelisk and attuned your bracelet to it, a new and comfortable world opens up to you: the world of fast travel. After successfully connecting to the obelisk, you will unlock the ability to craft a smaller version of the actual map room, which used to be located under the unnamed city.

In order to craft the map room, you will have to search for the archivist in the unnamed city and have him teach you the skill "Cartographer" - you will also need this to craft corrupted stones. You will also get the recipe for the map room from the archivist and will quickly realize that you will need several resources, of which most are of high value and some are difficult to acquire. The following items are needed to craft a map room:

  • 200x Corrupted Stone - you will craft these stones at the alchemist's bench and will need for each one: 2x Stone, 1x Ichor and 1x Demon Blood
  • 75x Alchemical Base - for one base you will need a Firebowl Cauldron and the following ingredients: 2x Silver Dust, 2x Ichor and 1x Gold Dust. If you are lucky, you can also find the base on tier 3 bearers
  • 50x Crystal - Crystals can be obtained from various creatures and can be found mainly in some caves, such as: Hanuman's Grotto or in the Warren of Degenerates
  • 35x Iron Reinforcement - for each iron reinforcement you will need 2x Iron Bars, which you will process at a Blacksmith's Forge

Note: if your placed map room ever gets attacked by enemies on a PvP server, you can repair it, however it is preferable to place it safely in your home or base despite its size.

Fast travel thanks to the map room

Once you have successfully set up your map room in your base, you really have a lot of work behind you and you can be very proud of yourself. If you have already attached all ten obelisks to your bracelet at this point, nothing stands in your way to start your big journey - but note that you can of course only travel to obelisks from the map room, i.e. your base, and this is therefore unfortunately only a "one-way ticket" - despite this, the fast travel is a great addition to the later game in Conan Exiles.


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