Conan Exiles Weapons: Guide with overview Background

Conan Exiles Weapons: Guide with overview

September 13, 2023
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Exile, in Conan Exiles, there are numerous weapons to choose from for your defense. Some you can craft yourself, others can only be found as loot from NPCs or in crates. In the GPORTAL blog, we take a closer look at the different types of weapons in the merciless world of Conan Exiles.

One-handed weapons for strong melee combat

  • Swords: as in most other games of the survival genre, swords form the group of weapons that are some of the most popular among players. Swords in Conan Exiles have a fairly fast attack speed and have a good range. Additionally, they let you cripple your opponents until they are eventually finished off
  • Spear: the spear is not only a one-handed weapon, but actually a throwing weapon as well. If you use the spear as a one-handed weapon in melee, you can keep it in your secondary hand, but the spear does rather less damage in melee compared to the other one-handed weapons. So, it is more practical to use the spear as a throwing weapon, as this attack adds more damage, but you must note that you are, of course, without a chance to fight until you have collected the spear again
  • Maces: the strongest damage is actually dealt by the maces in the one-handed category. The all-rounders among the one-handed weapons slow down your opponents during the attack and inflict high damage at the same time. The mace also slows down enemies, splits them and shatters their shields
  • Axes: also a good all-around weapon are the axes in Conan Exiles. They cause heavy bleeding on enemies in addition to the already heavy damage and slow them down as well
  • Shields: the best benefit of one-handed weapons is the possibility to carry a shield in the meantime. Be aware, however, that blocking with a shield drains your stamina and uses it heavily. So make sure that you do not exhaust yourself too much when blocking, because then you will become defenseless and exhausted quite quickly


Two-handed weapons against groups of opponents

  • Swords: just like one-handed swords, two-handed swords are fast weapons, but unlike maces, for example, they do less damage. Due to their slightly longer length, two-handed swords have more range and also have the crippling effect on enemies
  • Daggers: the small siblings of swords are fast, very fast, they are absolutely the fastest weapons in Conan Exiles. Due to their small size, damage and range suffer, but they absolutely make up for it with the strong bleeding effect. On the fourth heavy attack of the two-handed daggers they even cause the crippling effect
  • Spear: the large version of the spears has decent damage and tremendous range once you learn and perfect how to use them. In addition to the normal throw, you can equip the lances that count as locks on a horse, putting you in a damn good position in PvP combat to severely weaken and finish off other enemies
  • Maces: count among the slow weapons in the game, however, they also deal the most damage when the attacks hit. The basic armor penetration values are very high for maces in Conan Exiles and, as the name suggests, ensure that your enemies' armor is quickly destroyed
  • Axes: two-handed axes are a good choice for you if you do not want to give up the protective blocking of a shield in combat. Besides the damage a two-handed axe can deal, you can also use it for blocking to avoid attacks from enemies


Ranged weapons - at a distance

  • Bows and Crossbows: are you looking for weapons with a long range and good precision? Then you should definitely check out the bows and crossbows in Conan Exiles. It's always advisable to have at least one bow with you, since it will be necessary for some situations to advance and, of course, you should always have the option of ranged attack in your backhand
  • Arrows and Bolts: both projectiles are of course indispensable when bows or crossbows are used. Depending on which arrows or bolts you make, the attacks with the two weapons cause more or less damage, invoke all sorts of effects on the enemy, and the coolest thing: you can make healing arrows that can increase the health of your teammates, thralls, and animals
  • Throwing Axes and Throwing Daggers: these two throwing weapons are super handy if you already have a one-handed weapon selected, because you can take them in each other's hands. So if you come across an enemy that you want to weaken from a distance first, both weapons are very good for this and then use the melee weapon to finish off the rest


Other weapons

  • Trebuchet: the trebuchet is of course a very good weapon for knocking down other players' bases and fortresses. Either use the familiar ammunition in the form of stones, or make explosive ammunition, which, in addition to the actual explosion, adds a bit more fun to the proceedings
  • Oil Orbs: these little balls are also pretty handy when you want to ambush other players. If you throw them, they explode in a small radius, setting a fire that can trap other players
  • Explosives: similar to the oil orbs, these glass bottles are thrown and cause an explosion. Be careful, though, because you will probably accidentally add damage to yourself as well if you do not throw them far enough
  • Truncheons: this weapon does not deal normal attack damage, but provides stuns to hit characters. So if you are looking for prisoners or thralls for example, this weapon is a good choice for you


Effects and Attributes

As mentioned above, the different weapons can have various effects on the enemies they hit. The following is a list of the most common effects:

  • Explosion: this effect is mainly achieved by heavy weapons such as the catapult or the oil orbs, which cause an explosion when they hit and thus cause damage in a certain radius
  • Poison: for example, poison arrows for the bows cause poison damage to hit targets, which causes health to be slowly reduced
  • Shield Strike: this is not a real effect, but still not to be sneezed at. If you carry a one-handed weapon with a shield, you can use the shield to launch an attack at your opponent that will knock them back. If the opponent is lying on the ground, you can now add heavy damage
  • Armor Piercing: this effect, when fully charged, can destroy up to 50% of your opponent's armor when the attack hits. So this effect is perfect for more difficult enemies like bosses or creatures from dungeons
  • Bleeding: a powerful effect that causes tremendous bleeding at maximum effect and can quickly finish off the person hit. To be able to cast the bleeding effect the fastest, you best use the daggers and have enough wound healing with you in case you are exposed to such an attack
  • Crippling: very handy when enemies are out of your range, as you can slow them down and even paralyze them almost completely, so you can then cast attacks at your leisure

You can always strengthen and expand your attributes with points. Depending on the weapons you use, different attributes are suitable for making the weapons even stronger. For example, if you level up your strength attribute and then use a mace as a weapon, it will cause more damage when attacking.

General information about weapons

As you already noticed above, the weapons in Conan Exiles have light and heavy attacks. Depending on what attack you use on enemies, different effects will be cast on them and more or less damage will be added to them.

As an aside, it is of course advisable that you have, at best, one weapon of each type in your wheel, to be able to face any situation. As you are probably already used to from Conan Exiles, you will also have to craft many weapons yourself. Depending on the materials and workbenches you use, your weapons will be stronger or weaker, because the quality is largely influenced by the materials you use. If you place a thrall at the workbenches in the beginning, you can improve the weapons directly from production and depending on the level of your thrall, bonuses are added to the produced weapon.

With so-called kits you can upgrade your weapons and also tools in Conan Exiles. Depending on what kind of kit you have, you have to make sure that it fits your items and you can use these upgrades to make your weapons even better and increase their quality and durability.

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