Cool and challenging Minecraft challenges Background

Cool and challenging Minecraft challenges

August 23, 2022
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Many players crave special challenges after a certain time of regular play. These challenges are aimed at achieving a specific, ambitious goal.

Minecraft Challenges

The Minecraft community has come up with a number of challenging ways to play the game, which we would like to introduce to you. However, the best goals are the ones you set yourself, and the open gameplay allows you to experience any Minecraft challenge you can think of.

Minecraft Challenges: a brief summary

Survival Island Challenge

In the survival island challenge, you spawn on a deserted island and stay there. You are of course very limited with your resources and essentially just have to master survival. You are not allowed to leave or expand the island and you have to get all the resources you need from your little patch of earth. If that's not enough of a challenge for you, you should also make defeating the Ender Dragon your goal.

Tip: In Minecraft 1.12 it is recommended to use the seed -3057195824021022322.


Skyblock Challenge

The same principle, but even more challenging, can be found in the Skyblock Challenge. Here you spawn on a small floating patch of earth and have nothing but the earth, a single tree and a chest with a small selection of survival materials. Here it's quite common to start several times if you get stuck due to mistakes. A classic Minecraft challenge.

Nomad Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to always be on the move. You don't build a house or a base, but roam the world and try to get by only with what you can carry. So basically, it's a life out of a suitcase in Minecraft. The starting requirements for this are very low, it's basically just a Minecraft playstyle.


Hardcore Mode

However, if you prefer your usual Minecraft environment, you can try the Hardcore mode. Here, the difficulty of the game is simply increased and you only have one life. So no resurrections this time! Here you'll surely think twice if you really want to go into close combat with a mob.

An extension of the Hardcore mode is the so-called 100-Day Challenge. The goal is to defeat the ender dragon within 100 game days. So if you're looking for the maximum challenge, this Minecraft Challenge is for you.

Pacifism Challenge

This challenge is not for battle-hungry players, as you are not allowed to attack anything or anyone in the entire game, even if you are attacked by mobs. Here you have to get creative to retreat from any dangerous situation. At the latest when mining resources underground it could get really difficult here, but it's worth a try!


City Construction Challenge

Very simple: Find a village and let it slowly grow into a real city. Make friends with the villagers, upgrade and expand buildings, add new ones, build a city wall and so on. The goal of this Minecraft Challenge is to build a fully grown and thriving city. So if you prefer a more relaxing Minecraft Challenge, you'll have a lot of fun here.

No Minecraft Challenge for you?

Nothing for you in this little presentation? Don't worry, Minecraft challenges are a dime a dozen and you are only limited by your own imagination. If you play on a Minecraft server from G-Portal together with your friends, you can easily set your own little goals for Minecraft challenges.

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