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Enshrouded best armor sets part 1

March 21, 2024
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It's not just the Shroud that poses a huge threat in Enshrouded, the many enemies will also do everything they can to stop you from getting up. To prevail in battle, you not only need strong weapons - the right armor is also important. In part 1 of the GPORTAL blog, we list which Enshrouded armor we consider to be the best.

Enshrouded Marksman Armor Set

Level 13 - can be crafted

If you have created a character in the game that relies primarily on ranged attacks and therefore requires a lot of stamina, the Marksman armor is one of the first that is real armor and has good features for you. You can make it yourself and at level 13 it is already one of the more effective ones and offers the following bonuses for you:

  • +13% Ranged Critical Strike Chance
  • +24 Stamina
  • +4% Skillshot Damage
  • +2 Stamina Regeneration
  • -500 Stamina Timeout Reduction
  • Total Physical Resistance: 113
  • Total Magical Resistance: 113

In order to craft the Marksman armor set, you must have settled the Hunter in your base and unlocked her hand spindle and drying rack. You will need the following resources for the complete armor set:

  • 21x Linen
  • 16x Dried Fur
  • 15x Plant Fiber
  • 3x Twigs


Enshrouded Knight Armor Set

Level 18 - as loot in crates in the Nomad Highlands

If you've always wanted to be a noble knight in shining armor: it's your time to shine! The Knight armor set not only gives you a visual upgrade, the set's bonuses are also ideal for close combat. Unlike the Marksman armor, you can only find the Knight armor in crates in the Nomad Highlands. Here are the bonuses:

  • +19% Opportunity Damage
  • +8% Backstabbing Damage
  • +43 Stamina
  • +90 Health
  • +9% One-Handed Melee Damage
  • +2% Damage against Melee Foes
  • +6 Stamina Regeneration
  • -90 Stamina Timeout Reduction
  • Total Physical Resistance: 203
  • Total Magical Resistance: 101

As mentioned above, you cannot craft the Knight armor. To find the whole set faster than wandering through the entire Nomad Highlands, you can of course work with a Flame Altar. Travel to the biome, place the altar there and loot a crate in the immediate vicinity. Then close the game or wait until the loot has been regenerated and return to the location using the altar. You can do this until the armor is complete.


Enshrouded Rogue Armor Set

Level 23 - can be crafted

This armor is probably one of the best if you want to play a top fighter in Enshrouded or maybe even be an assassin. Thanks to the Rogue armor, you get some nice features that support you in close combat and are especially suitable for sneak attacks.

  • +10% Backstabbing Damage
  • +25% Opportunity Damage
  • +57 Stamina
  • +120 Health
  • +12% One-Handed Melee Damage
  • +3% Damage against Melee Foes
  • +9 Stamina Regeneration
  • -120 Stamina Timeout Reduction
  • Total Physical Resistance: 260
  • Total Magical Resistance: 130

You will need the blacksmith NPC to craft the Rogue armor set. He will then unlock the recipe for the armor and once you have collected or produced all the necessary resources, you can craft it. You will need the following resources:

  • 85x Scales
  • 17x Fossilized Bone Dust
  • 15x Padding
  • 4x Leather


Enshrouded Deerstalker Armor Set

Level 23 - can be crafted

The name of this armor set already gives you an idea of what it's all about. If you have the Deerstalker armor ready as a complete set, you will benefit from the bonuses, which are primarily designed for endurance and ranged attacks. So if you're on a big hunt for animals and have a bow equipped, for example, this is your armor.

  • +13% Critical Strike Damage
  • +15% Ranged Critical Strike Chance
  • +24 Health
  • +66 Stamina
  • +6% Ranged Damage
  • +12% Damage Multiplier
  • +1 Sprint Speed
  • -350 Stamina Timeout Reduction
  • +4 Stamina Regeneration
  • Total Physical Resistance: 192
  • Total Magical Resistance: 192

Just as with the Marksman armor, you first need the Hunter to produce the Deerstalker armor. To produce the armor, however, you not only need the Hunter, but also her stations, such as the Tanning Station, so that you can obtain leather. All the resources you need for the complete Deerstalker set:

  • 65x Scales
  • 14x Padding
  • 7x Leather
  • 3x Lapislazuli


Enshrouded Sage Armor Set

Level 23 - can be crafted

Now we finally have a good and visually appealing suit of armor if you have taken your character in the mage direction. You can craft the complete Sage armor yourself and it is not only suitable for mages alone, but also as a healer in a group you get an armor that has damn good features for you.

  • +15% Magical Critical Strike Chance
  • -2.5s Revive Duration
  • +132 Health
  • +75 Mana
  • +14% Revive Heal Percentage
  • +4 Mana Regeneration
  • Total Physical Resistance: 130
  • Total Magical Resistance: 260

As the Sage armor naturally contains a handful of magic, you must first free the alchemist Balthazar and place him in your base to create it. However, since you also need fabric for this armor set, the Hunter is also important, but you should already have unlocked her at this point in the game. All the resources you need:

  • 20x Lapislazuli
  • 10x Padding
  • 10x Yellow Fabric
  • 5x Fossilized Bone
  • 4x Bronze Bars


Enshrouded Archmage Armor Set

Level 23 - can be crafted

Here's another armor for you that's perfect for any player who has discovered magic in Enshrouded. And if you thought the look of the Sage armor already looked cool, the Archmage armor will completely blow you away. With its golden eye mask, pointed hat and gold-colored accents, it makes quite an impression. And of course there are practical bonuses too:

  • +13% Critical Strike Damage
  • +15% Magical Critical Strike Chance
  • +120 Health
  • +132 Mana
  • +9% Damage against Magical Foes
  • +12% Staff Damage
  • +6 Mana Regeneration
  • -120 Mana Timeout Reduction
  • Total Physical Resistance: 130
  • Total Magical Resistance: 260

You also need the alchemist Balthazar for the Archmage armor set, but the Hunter is also important here. Just like the Sage armor, you need Lapislazuli and Fossilized Bone. Fossilized Bone can be obtained in the Nomad Highlands and Lapislazuli can be found in the Kindlewastes. A detailed list of the ingredients:

  • 16x Yellow Fabric
  • 11x Lapislazuli
  • 9x Padding
  • 5x Fossilized Bone


This brings us to the end of Part 1 of our Enshrouded best armor blog. In the next few days, however, you can also find part 2 with us, with more and even stronger armor from Enshrouded. Stay tuned and find out which strong armor will additionally protect you in Embervale.

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