Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire: What to expect Background

Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire: What to expect

June 6, 2024
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We've only just made our way through the Hollow Halls in Enshrouded, or some of us are still doing so, and Keen Games is already coming around the corner with another mega content update. Find out what's included in the "Melodies of the Mire" update in the following GPORTAL blog article.

Big, bigger, Blackmire

Probably the biggest change in the new content update is the expansion of the world in Enshrouded. The map has been expanded to the north and it's not just the size that will leave Enshrouded players open-mouthed - the visuals promise a hell of a lot too. The area is reminiscent of a dense and wild jungle with a huge abandoned temple, which is probably not as empty as it seems, and between the black bubbling swamps that appear every now and then, which can make quite a big mess, you can probably discover an old town, of which only the ruins remain. But even there you will probably come across a few "inhabitants" who would love to welcome you into their arms.

Just as you would expect from a real jungle, Keen Games has gone to great lengths for the new region and has really done everything to create the right atmosphere. Huge trees, and we mean really huge trees, lots of fresh and dense greenery, hilly mountains and the numerous large bubbling swamp areas make for a visually really impressive picture.


A new NPC and weapon type

As well as exploring the new region and discovering new enemies and items, you can also find a new NPC. He draws attention to himself with a pleasant singing voice and can be recruited by you as a new NPC. As the new NPC is a bard, it stands to reason that music and instruments will play their own role in Enshrouded from now on. Playing is also the key word here, because as soon as you have recruited the new bard, you will also be able to play instruments. A new weapon type has also found its way into the game. Daggers can now be used as a weapon, which is particularly beneficial for archers in Enshrouded, as daggers scale together with Dexterity.


Take a look at yourself and find cosmetic armor

It's been a long time coming and Keen Games naturally wants to see its players happy, so it's now possible to hide your helmet and gloves. Yes, you can finally look at your character and not just catch a glimpse of the numerous headgear, but don't be frightened if you've forgotten what your character actually looks like.

In addition, thanks to the transmog system, your current armor can be overwritten with the look of an armor of your choice while retaining the stats of your actual armor. This allows you to customize your appearance as you wish without losing stats. You can also now find cosmetic armor in Embervale that won't give you heroic stats, but will make you look pretty fancy, so what are you waiting for?


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With the second major Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire update, Keen Games has once again produced a masterpiece. GPORTAL offers you the right Enshrouded server for exploring the content of the new update. Powerful hardware and excellent performance ensure the perfect gaming experience. Anyway, we are off into the jungle to explore all the new features.

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