Farming Simulator 22 Crossplay - Everything you need to know Background

Farming Simulator 22 Crossplay - Everything you need to know

May 28, 2024
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When you're on your GPORTAL FS22 server, you're running your own farming business and trying to build a huge empire. To be honest, this is most fun when you do it together with your friends. However, as we all know the problem, your friends don't all have the game on the same platform, which brings up the issue of cross-play. In this blog, you will therefore learn the most important facts you need to know about crossplay in FS22!

Crossplay basics

When it comes to cross-play, the most important thing is to know which platforms work together and how. With Farming Simulator 22, this is very simple, as all platforms can play together. More specifically, these are PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X+S. At GPORTAL you will also find the right FS22 server for every platform.

Number of players for crossplay

The number of players on your FS22 server varies depending on the platform. However, here we are talking about a console player or a PC player hosting the server themselves, for example. If a PC player hosts the server, a total of 16 players can play on the server, but only as long as the player hosting the server is present. If the host of the game is a console player, only 5 other players can take part in the game.

GPORTAL server

An alternative to a self-hosted server is a server from us, GPORTAL. Here, a total of 16 players can play together permanently. The platform does not matter. You can activate or deactivate the crossplay feature in the GIANTS server administration. There is also a special feature for console players, as they must activate crossplay in the user system settings. Crossplay must also be activated in the FS22 settings in the user profile.

Mods are another special feature. Here, every player must have all mods installed that are also installed on the server. This is important to know, as this can lead to restrictions for console players.

Play together with friends on your FS22 server

Now you know how to enable crossplay for FS22 and play with your friends. Grab your own server, invite your friends and create your own Farming Simulator 22 empire!

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