Farming Simulator
Genre: Simulation
Studio: GIANTS
Publisher: GIANTS
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Rent a server
Genre: Simulation
Studio: GIANTS
Publisher: GIANTS

Farming Simulator 22 – Crossplay

On November 22, 2021, Farming Simulator 22 will finally be released and the long-awaited cross-play feature will find its way into the simulator game. You and your farming buddies can now harvest or explore the countryside together, no matter what platform you’re playing from.

Crossplay with Farming Simulator 22

We’ll introduce you to the new cross-play feature in more detail. Here we go:

For which platforms is the Farm Sim 22 Crossplay available?

The Farming Sim feature will be available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X+S. Tip: At GPORTAL you can secure your Farming Simulator 22 server for PC, Xbox or PS4 right now!

How many players can play Farm Sim 22 Crossplay together?

Whether you play on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox, you can finally play multiplayer crossplay in FS 22. If the game is hosted by a PC player, up to a total of 16 players can plow together – but only as long as the host is present in the game. If the game is hosted by a console like PlayStation, only 5 other players can join in.

A better alternative is a rented Farming Simualtor gaming server like the one from GPORTAL. Here you and up to 15 of your friends can now manage a farm together – no matter who is playing from which platform. Moreover, you can start playing Farming Simulator 22 directly with just a few clicks.

Crossplay in the Farming S 22 settings

The crossplay feature can be activated or deactivated in the server administration of GIANTS. There is a special feature for the consoles: in the user system settings you can enable or disable crossplay. Before crossplay in Farm Sim 22 you have to activate the setting in the user profile.

Mods for Farming Simulator 22

Installing mods for Farming Simulator 22 is possible. However, please make sure that you only download mods from the official ModHub for consoles to the server, if your friends want to connect from the sofa. We have also created a post for you to install mods on your FS 22 server.

NoteImportant: If you want to play with Google Stadia on a server, you must not have any mods installed on it, because Stadia does not have its own modhub where the mods can be downloaded.

Communication in Farming Sim game

With Farming Simulator 22 there is a cross-platform text and voice chat. The text chat can only be used by PC clients.

Conclusion Crossplay in Farm Sim 22

With the long-awaited feature, GIANTS makes the hearts of the Farming Simulator community beat faster. This makes joint farming and harvesting a real highlight and the fun factor increases. Thanks to the new production chains, there is also more to do – so grab your controllers and get out into the field!

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