Enshrouded: Guide for the start Background

Enshrouded: Guide for the start

January 26, 2024
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The time has finally come and Enshrouded has successfully completed its big release and you've probably already enjoyed your first few hours in the new survival hit. So it's high time we gave you some more tips and information about the game and now we're going to start with the first steps in Enshrouded.

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Everything you need for a successful start

You and your character land in the world of Embervale and are now on your own. First of all, of course, it is important to look after your well-being and ensure that you always eat and drink enough. Once you have secured your first food in the form of berries, for example, you should start building your first small shelter for the night.

In the best case scenario, you will not only have picked up food during your first exploration tour in Embervale, but also collected your first resources in the form of stones, plants and wood. Once your inventory is full, you should look for a suitable place for your base. In the crafting menu, you will find an "Altar of Flame", which you can make for 5 stones. Place this altar where you want to set up your base and then start building in the marked area. Over time, you can of course expand the altar to create more space.

Note: If you want to place your altar somewhere else, for example because you have found a nicer spot, you must extinguish the altar's flame. Please note, however, that all items outside the marked area will be swallowed up and destroyed by the shroud.


Once you have unlocked the workbench, you should craft your first tools and implements to obtain all the important resources more efficiently and quickly. If you find yourself in the deep forest of Embervale, you will soon realize that you are not as alone as it seemed at the beginning. The wilderness will put a stop to your leisurely resource tours and by then it will be time to craft your first weapons and a shield. Of course, you'll have to deal with weaker items at first, but over time you'll get better and better resources to upgrade weapons and other items.

Hint: If you don't have a weapon or shield yet, you can mainly avoid the wild animals, but you should pay close attention to your stamina.

First food and encounter with the Shroud

With your first full set of equipment, you can hunt wild animals such as wolves and collect fur, raw meat, bones and, above all, experience points from them. You can use the raw meat to make proper and comforting meals by cooking it over the fire. However, before you set off on your first adventure, you should make sure you have eaten and slept enough. Use your first "bed" for this, which may not look very comfortable, but will serve you well for the time being. Equally important is armor, which initially consists mainly of cloth and cannot take much damage, but it is definitely better than nothing. In the menu, you can look at the individual values for weapons, armor, etc. and see at a glance which items suit you and will help you.


Now you are ready for your first task, which will consist of getting your first NPC on your side. In Enshrouded, you have the option of settling several NPCs in your base, but the first one will probably be the blacksmith. He will help you with his forge to improve your armor, for example. In return, you should offer him a roof over his head so that he has space for his forge and you can unlock more recipes from him.

Hint: If it takes too long to travel back to your base via the normal route, you can use the fast travel option that Enshrouded offers, which saves you a lot of time.

During many adventures you will come across the Shroud at some point. Almost the entire world of Embervale is wrapped in this mystical haze and triggers a reflexive flight instinct - for good reason. Once you find yourself in the Shroud, a bar with a timer will appear in your HUD at the top, under the compass. This timer shows you how long you can survive in the shroud without taking damage. So no matter what you plan to do, you should do it quickly and always keep an eye on the timer. However, there is a way to last longer in the mysterious haze. You can find so-called hourglass capsules that increase your countdown on the timer, giving you more time to discover all sorts of things in the haze that might otherwise have remained hidden.


Note: In your character menu, you can not only view your player's statistics. If you have eaten different meals, you can see exactly which properties they give you or whether you are suffering from poisoning or the cold, for example.

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