Rabbits in Minecraft Background

Rabbits in Minecraft

August 11, 2022
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What's that jumping around in the forest? Small, cute and with two long ears?

Minecraft Rabbit

Rabbits in Minecraft are certainly one of the cutest animals in the block world. Here you will learn everything there is to know about Minecraft rabbits.

Basic facts about Minecraft Rabbits

Minecraft rabbits can be found in many biomes. Whether it's a desert, a forest or a snowstorm, almost everywhere you can find a little spoonbill hopping across your path. The fur of the respective variant of the rabbit differs depending on the biome.
The color combination can be roughly divided into three areas: Yellow; white and black/white, as well as black, black-brown or just brown. Yellowish color appears only in the desert biome, white and black and white mainly in snow biomes. Black, black-brown and brown Minecraft rabbits can be found in the hill, forest and taiga biomes.

Minecraft Rabbits are generally passive and peaceful creatures; the only exception here is the Minecraft Killer Bunny. When attacked, Minecraft Rabbits flee quickly and hit hooks in the process. When killed, they can drop rabbit hide, raw rabbit, and more rarely, rabbit foot.

Natural enemies are wolves, feral cats and foxes. Like all rabbits, they love carrots, which can be used to attract them and eventually motivate them to breed. The growth of Minecraft rabbits can be accelerated with carrots, golden carrots and dandelion.

Minecraft rabbit stew

This stew is the most efficient food in the game after the cake. It restores 10 hunger points and 12 satiety points. However, it is not easy to make. Here is the ingredient list for Minecraft rabbit stew:

  • 1x Cooked Rabbit
  • 1x Carrot
  • 1x baked potato
  • 1x mushroom (kind doesn't matter)
  • 1x bowl

In your workbench, place the bowl in the bottom center square and the baked potato right in the center above it. Now place the carrot in the middle left, the mushroom in the middle right and the roasted rabbit in the middle in the upper field.

If you now eat the Minecraft rabbit stew, only the empty bowl will be left at the end.

The Minecraft Killer Bunny

While the mean Minecraft rabbit hops around cutely and provides an idyllic atmosphere, its bloodthirsty congener devotes its attention primarily to dastardly murder. The Minecraft Killer Bunny initially appears just as innocent as any other little hopper, only its narrow red eyes hint at its inner demonic abyss. The Killer Bunny is a kind of homage to Monty Python's "The Knights of the Coconut" and is virtually taken directly from the film.

Meanwhile, the Minecraft Killer Bunny no longer spawns by itself, but can only be summoned by command. You can spawn the killer rabbit with this command:
/summon rabbit ~ ~


Minecraft Killer Bunny: Attack and behavior

Thanks to its enhanced sensory perception, the killer bunny is able to track and attack you within a radius of 16 blocks - and it will do just that if you let it. If it hits you with its jump attack, you lose 8 health. If you fight back, the killer bunny will retreat, wait a moment, and then counterattack. If it doesn't find a player, the Minecraft killer bunny will randomly attack wolves and foxes that also fight back, resulting in a battle. In peaceful mode, the killer bunny attacks other animals, but not the player.

Ironically, you can lure the Minecraft killer bunny with a carrot, leash it and even make it reproduce. So if you're looking to grow a demonic army in rabbit fur, or if you're just into more challenging pets, the Minecraft killer bunny is your hopper of choice.

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