The new Valheim Ashlands Boss Fader Background

The new Valheim Ashlands Boss Fader

May 23, 2024
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With the big Ashlands update, Valheim is sending a new boss into the race. Fader is the name of this gigantic and impressive creature and in the GPORTAL blog we give you all the important information about the new Valheim boss.

How to summon Fader in Valheim

In order to face the new Ashlands boss and prove your strength, you must summon him like all other Valheim bosses. The Fader summoning ceremony mainly consists of three bells, which you must first create from a total of nine bell fragments. You can find the required fragments in the new, charred fortresses of the Ashlands. If you're lucky, you'll find up to four bell fragments in one of the fortresses, so you'll have to visit at least three, but probably more, fortresses and deal with the enemies there.


Once you have collected the required number of fragments, you must go to the black forge and make a complete bell from three bell fragments. Now it's time to track down Fader's Vegvisir to uncover its hiding place. As with the other vegvisirs, you need to look for a grey stone with a red inscription. Fader's vegvisir is located in a dungeon in the central tower of a charred fortress. If you interact with the stone, Fader's location will be shown on the map.

As you approach Fader's hideout, you will immediately recognize it, as it is reminiscent of an old and crumbling coliseum. Inside the battle arena, you will find three bell stands in which you must place the bells you have already made. Now go to the center of the arena, take another deep breath and interact with the Altar of the Emerald Flame. The sky will take on a mixture of black and poisonous green, dramatic music will play and you know it's time to face Valheim's strongest opponent yet. Fader's spawn is truly impressive. Matching the sky, it hits the ground like a meteorite and then unfolds its full size. It looks like a charred skeletal dragon and sprays poisonous green sparks, and its body is also covered with bright green.


What you need to know about Fader's attacks

We probably don't need to mention again that you are dealing with the most difficult of all creatures in Valheim and that the Ashlands are a very hot place in themselves. But for this very reason, it's really important that you equip yourself damn well and at best have explored and dismantled the entire Ashlands before you face Fader. Use the best (ranged) weapon and armor you can find. Fader also has the following attacks during the boss fight:

  • He lunges forward a bit and attempts to bite
  • If you stand too close to Fader during his whirl attack, he will hit you with his tail while spinning around
  • It swings its huge claws in an arc in front of it, hoping to tear you apart with them
  • If you have already damaged Fader and his life bar is shrinking, he will eventually spit fire. This blast of fire will burn down everything in its path in a straight line in front of its mouth
  • When he rears his head, you should gain land quickly, because he then summons meteors that fall from the sky and leave green flames in their wake
  • In addition to meteors, he can also summon Charred Marksmen and Charred Warriors
  • The last attack consists of a stomp that leaves a crack in the ground, from which spikes appear that remain for a while and cause flames. This attack has a fairly long range, so make sure you can dodge it well

As you can see, the fight against Fader is really tough and you should make sure to destroy any distractions in the form of other enemies and creatures in the immediate vicinity before throwing yourself into Fader's arena. You should also have all kinds of potions and food with you so that you can heal yourself as quickly as possible if Fader hits you with his paws. It may also make sense to set up a small shelter near his arena so that you can spawn again quickly if you fall in battle.


Do you have what it takes to defeat the Ashlands Boss?

The main disadvantage of the new Valheim Fader Boss is that he has virtually no weaknesses that you can exploit in a fight against him. However, we can only advise you not to try to defeat him in close combat, as his melee attacks are very strong and cause an incredible amount of damage if you don't manage to dodge quickly enough. However, a bow is not a good choice, as he is of course immune to piercing damage, for example from arrows.

Spirit and fire damage are absolutely useless against Fader. So when choosing your weapon, make sure that you use an endgame staff at best, which deals decent damage from a distance. The most important thing when fighting Fader, however, is to be able to dodge well, not to get too close to him and to keep attacking, especially in the short pauses between his serious attacks. Otherwise, it is of course much easier to defeat Fader in a group rather than alone. Together with your friends, you can distract Fader quite easily by attacking individual players while he concentrates on the others with his attacks. It's especially handy for the warriors summoned by Fader if they can be dealt with directly before they completely overwhelm you in single player.


The drops from Fader

After you have defeated the new Valheim Ashlands Boss, Fader will leave two drops for you. One is the so-called Fader Trophy and five Fader Relics. With the Fader Trophy, you can accept Fader's forsaken power and gain +300 maximum carry weight and +10% movement speed. The Fader Relics, on the other hand, are currently just a placeholder item, as was previously the case with the boss The Queen. At some point, however, these relics will surely find their purpose in Valheim. If you would like to find out more about all Valheim bosses, you are welcome to take a look at our corresponding blog article.

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