Guide for the Valheim bosses Background

Guide for the Valheim bosses

May 9, 2023
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Valheim is a rough survival game and shows little mercy to the player. In the various biomes you will meet some bosses - defeat and collect valuable drops from them. The best way to fight the bosses in Valheim is explained below.


The huge deer with the red colored antlers, which are decorated with iron chains and infused with electricity, appears as the first boss in Valheim in the Meadows. Since the Eikthyr is the first boss, its main purpose is to get familiar with the game's mechanics, and therefore it is not particularly difficult to slay. After you kill him, the Eikthyr Trophy and Hard Antlers will be dropped from him and you will gain the Eikthyr Power. Furthermore, after defeating the giant deer, you can craft your first pickaxe and mine ores to craft metal tools, weapons, and armor.

How to summon the Eikthyr

  • Walk to the red glowing rune stone called Vegvisir and interact with it
  • Find the Forsaken Altar of Eikthyr on the map in the Meadows and hunt for deer to get two deer trophies
  • Place 2 deer trophies in the Forsaken Altar

Fighting against the Eikthyr

  • Eikthyr has melee attacks with his antlers and stomping and ranged attacks like shooting lightning bolts at you
  • Use a shield to block Eikthyr's melee attacks and use a weapon of your choice to defeat him
  • If you want to be on the safe side, take a bow and lots of arrows into the battle and hide behind the big rocks of his altar and shoot at him from a suitable distance


The Elder

The Elder is a giant tree creature and the second boss you can find in the Black Forest. He is a bit more difficult to fight than the Eikthyr, so make sure, as with all the other bosses, that you are always wearing the best armor available, have the best weapons with you, and have eaten a good meal before attacking him. Once you defeat the Elder, he drops the Elder Trophy and the Swamp Key, which you can use to open the sunken crypts in the Swamp Biome and get the treasures that are hidden inside.

How to summon the Elder

  • In the Black Forest you will find the burial chambers and you have to enter them and find the rune stone - interact with it to display the altar on the map
  • Take three Ancient Seeds that you get from Greydwarfs or nests and sometimes you can find them in chests if you are lucky
  • Throw the Ancient Seeds into the fire of the altar and the Elder will spawn where the sparks go to the ground

Fighting against The Elder

  • The Elder has various attacks such as vine shooting, stomping and summoning roots
  • You can block the elder's stomping, run away from it or prevent it with the short protection during rolling
  • It is best to avoid the summoned roots, as they disappear after a while anyway, but you can also destroy them
  • Use the protection of the four pillars around the altar of the elder to avoid the shot vines
  • For the Elder it is best to use a bow with fire arrows, as he can attack you strongly in close combat
  • If you are playing with others in a group, it makes sense to choose a "tank" to fight the Elder, who will distract him while everyone else attacks him from a distance



The huge and slimy green blob offers a rather difficult fight, especially if you want to face him alone. He spreads his poison and is very strong in close combat, so make sure you carry suitable weapons and have a large supply of antidote and healing potions with you. When you defeat Bonemass, he drops the Bonemass Trophy and the Wishbone. In addition, you get the Bonemass Power, which gives you resistance to various damages.

How to summon Bonemass

  • Search in the Swamp for the Sunken Crypts and find the Vegvisir and interact with it to get the Bonemass summoning point displayed on the map
  • You will need ten withered bones, which you can find in muddy scrap piles in the crypts or in the chests in the Swamp
  • Place them in the altar from Bonemass

Fighting against Bonemass

  • The fight against Bonemass at this point of the game will probably be the hardest you have had so far
  • Stock up on enough healing and poison resistance mead to counter Bonemass' sprayed poison
  • You can also dodge Bonemass' poison cloud as soon as you notice he might sneeze
  • Since Bonemass can throw ripped pieces of himself and therefore summon several small enemies, you should always make sure to clear the battlefield of them immediately
  • Bonemass and his small servants are only weak to blunt damage, which means that you should go into battle against him with a strong mace as best you can
  • The Frostner would be the best weapon against Bonemass, but usually it is not available at the time of the fight against him, because you absolutely need the Wishbone to find silver
  • An easy and safe way to defeat Bonemass and his servants is to craft a lot of frost arrows and place yourself with the bow in a tree or on a stone tower and then shoot them in peace



Moder is the Swedish name for mother and also directly hints at what kind of boss awaits you in the Mountains: a very angry dragon mother. A little more relaxation after the fight against Bonemass offers you the encounter with Moder. You can usually dodge her attacks well and make good use of her time on the ground to weaken her greatly in ranged combat. Once you have slain Moder, you get the Moder Trophy and Dragon Tears and gain Moder Power.

How to summon Moder

  • The Vegvisir rune stone can be found in the Mountains, usually on a peak inside the houses
  • After the Forsaken Altar of Moder appears on the map, find it and place three dragon eggs from the nests on the mountains into it to summon Moder
  • Since the dragon eggs are quite heavy, you will have to bring them to the altar one by one or buy a Megingjord from Haldor to increase your transport weight

Fighting against Moder

  • After you have hopefully been successful against Bonemass and his little helpers, the fight against Moder is a bit more relaxed for you, as her ranged attacks can be dodged well and can be defeated quickly with the right tactics
  • In the air she shoots a barrage of ice projectiles at you, but you can dodge them very well in a large area
  • While on the ground, she can snap or punch at you, knocking you out with a blizzard-like breath
  • Fight her best with arrows from a suitable distance - fire and obsidian arrows are best, though Moder is most vulnerable to fire
  • Since their attacks are announced early, you should pay close attention to them in order to be able to dodge or block them quickly
  • Hint: She is especially vulnerable while Moder is screaming



In the Plains biome, you will encounter the fifth boss in Valheim named Yagluth. He is a giant bony torso and wears a crown, which indicates that he was once, or possibly still is, the ruler. Yagluth is slow, but his fire attacks are very effective, so use potions to reduce the fire damage. After his death, you get the Yagluth Trophy, the Torn Spirit and the Yagluth Power, which provides resistance to fire, frost and lightning strikes.

How to summon Yagluth

  • The Vegvisir to summon Yagluth is difficult to find, but you can usually find it on stone pillars
  • Once you arrive at the altar of Yagluth, place five Fuling totems that you can find in Fuling villages and ruins. From time to time you can also get them as drops from Fuling berserkers
  • Interact with the red colored rune plate to start the battle against Yagluth

Fighting against Yagluth

  • With the right strategy and enough preparation, it is quite possible to defeat Yagluth, as he acts very slowly and you can easily tell when he launches an attack
  • Make sure to dodge his attacks well, as only a few hits are enough to send you to the afterlife
  • His fire breath follows you when you dodge, so hide behind rocks or dodge until the attack stops
  • If his raised right fist glows blueish, you should keep your distance: once the fist hits the ground, it creates a spherical explosion that deals extreme damage to anyone within its range
  • Frost arrows are good to use against Yagluth, and the Silver Sword and Frostner offer a very good alternative as melee weapons


The Queen

The sixth and most recent boss in Valheim goes by the name of The Queen. You can find the giant Seeker Matriarch with her four arms and a huge thorax in the Mistlands and she excels in being extremely fast and dealing gigantic damage and knockback with her attacks. The Queen drops the Queen Trophy after her death, a "placeholder item" called QueenDrop and you get Queen Power, which increases the mining speed and Eitr regeneration by 100%.

How to summon The Queen

  • The Queen's altar, unlike all the others, is located in its own cave, the Infested Citadel, which you can enter with a Sealbreaker at the entrance
  • As soon as you enter the citadel, the queen spawns and wanders around the arena
  • If you would like to fight her again after her death, you can place three Seeker Soldier trophies on her altar in the Citadel

Fighting against The Queen

  • Since The Queen has no significant weakness, you should stock up on the best possible armor, weapon in melee and ranged combat, with enough and high-quality healing potions and food and effectively use the strengths of the previous bosses
  • If you want to kill The Queen alone, you should keep her at the longest possible distance in ranged combat - every now and then she may get stuck on the arena's railing, in which case you will have a chance to fire several shots at her
  • In close combat it's much more difficult to fight her, as you have to constantly pay attention to the perfect order of blocking, attacking and retreating - however, if you miss a block or don't retreat in time, you will suffer a lot of damn damage
  • In any case, you have to constantly watch out for the appearing seekers and kill them, as they will deal unnecessary damage to you and distract you too much from the fight against The Queen
  • It gets a little easier in a group, as two players could act as tanks while the others attack the boss, or the players gradually draw attention to themselves while the others are attacking
  • A wisplight is very helpful to see a little better in the thick fog
  • The feather cape is also helpful if you want to fight The Queen from one of the upper floors, as without the cape you would take a lot of damage from a fall


The benefits of magic

  • With melee attacks you put yourself in serious danger against The Queen, but with some magic support you have a better chance, since you can keep her at a distance and still attack her
  • The Eitr-weave set together with the Bonemass Strength is good to fight against The Queen
  • The Staff of Embers is an excellent weapon to take care of the swarms of Seekers, while with some luck you can also hit The Queen
  • The Demolisher is also a good weapon to use against the Seekers, but it has a long recharge time, during which you are vulnerable for a short time
  • If you want to use magic, make sure you choose food that boosts your Eitr


Hint: If you want to learn more about the different biomes in Valheim and have tips about them, you can have a quick look at our overview of the biomes in Valheim here.

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