Palworld - Pal breeding guide and hatching eggs Background

Palworld - Pal breeding guide and hatching eggs

February 2, 2024
4 minutes to read

So many possibilities, so much to discover. Palworld is a real grab bag of functions and one of them is Pal breeding. In the following GPORTAL blog, we explain exactly how this works and what you need to look out for.

What you need for Pal breeding

First of all, you should of course think about which of your Pals should mate or whether you even need to go hunting for certain Pals again. However, if you already have some in mind, you need to make sure that you bring a male Pal and a female Pal together.

Before you can start breeding Pals, you need to build a breeding farm, which you can unlock from level 19 in the technology menu. If you have already built and produced a lot in the area of your camp, you may need to create some space first, as the breeding farm is quite large. You will need the following resources to build the breeding farm:

  • 100x Wood
  • 50x Fibers
  • 20x Stones

In addition to the breeding farm and the matching pals, you will also need an incubator so that you can hatch the resulting egg and one or more cakes, for which you will need the mill so that you can produce the flour. You can unlock the incubator from level 7 with Ancient Technology Points and will then need the following items for it:

  • 30x Stones
  • 10x Paldium fragments
  • 5x Cloth
  • 2x Ancient Civilization Parts

The mill is there so that you can produce flour from your cultivated or collected wheat, as you need this for the cake, which is essential for successful mating. You also need 8x red berries for the cake, which you can actually find right at the beginning and can of course also grow, 8x eggs, which you get from Chikipis when you either fight them or assign them to your farm, 7x milk, which is dropped by Mozzarina in the farm or when you also fight her, and 2x honey, which is dropped by Beegarde, either after a fight or in the farm. You will also need 5 of the flour.

How to successfully pair a Pal

Once you have completed all the items and buildings mentioned above or have them in your inventory, you can get started. Grab your selected Pals and place them together in the breeding farm. Immediately afterwards, put some cake in the box provided on the breeding farm and see if the mating is successful. You can see this from an info text when you walk towards the center of the breeding farm. There is then a circle above it, which indicates the completion of the egg. Once the circle is full, mating is complete and an egg appears in the center of the breeding farm, which you then have to hatch in the incubator. Depending on which Pals you breed and what kind of egg you get, mating can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. If night falls and you go to sleep and the Pals do the same, time will not continue to run during mating or incubation.


Hatching eggs in the incubator and finding rare eggs

If your mating was successful, you must now place the egg in an incubator. Depending on which egg you have in front of you, you should pay attention to the environment and adjust it if necessary. An egg, for example, needs a cool environment so that it can hatch optimally. Ideally, you should build several small, separate rooms in your base that provide the perfect environment for all kinds of eggs so that they hatch more quickly. For example, one room could be heated with campfires or ovens, the other could be equipped with a cool box or ice pal, which is suitable for cooling, or a room that is completely neutral. If the environment is perfectly suited to the egg, incubation will be significantly shortened, but don't worry, even without a suitable environment your egg will hatch, it will just take longer.


Another way to get rare eggs is to find them "easily". However, it's not that easy, because some of the eggs are really well hidden and you won't be able to find many of them if you don't have enough stamina or a flying Pal, because they like to hide at lofty heights, just like other rare items.


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