Minecraft Pixel Art Background

Minecraft Pixel Art

August 18, 2022
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Minecraft is a game with a strong design aspect. After all, you build your own buildings and tunnels right from the start, and you'll probably create increasingly larger and more individual works as the game progresses.

Minecraft Pixel Art Guide

Many players take this aspect of the game a bit further and have created a new art form: Minecraft Pixel Art. Find out here, what Pixel Art in Minecraft is all about and how to get started yourself.

What is Minecraft Pixel Art?

The basic principle is to build a large piece of art in pixel design out of Minecraft blocks. Pixel design means a piece of art in which many small pixels depict a large picture, but are still recognizable as basic components. This results in huge three-dimensional structures that either depict a 2D motif or can be viewed as a whole as a sculpture. With enough distance to the work, the actual motif then becomes recognizable. Designing Minecraft Pixel Art requires careful block selection, good color knowledge of Minecraft blocks and their combinations, and good spatial thinking.

Designing Minecraft Pixel Art yourself

If you want to try designing Minecraft Pixel Art yourself, you should follow a few tips. This can save you a lot of time and trouble once you are in the building process.

  1. Planning: It doesn't make sense to just start building. First of all, you should think about what motif you want to depict. For beginners, we recommend using a template or pattern. On this basis, you can then create your Minecraft pixel art grid, for which you can find suitable tools online.

  2. Now select the blocks that most closely match the colors you want. Minecraft has only a limited color palette and here, too, thorough planning is indispensable. In creative mode, you can easily view all the blocks and decide on your materials.

  3. Now you need to collect the materials you need. You should always have more blocks than you need according to plan. In case of mistakes or later changes, you don't want to start over every time.

  4. Now you are ready to start: Work your way slowly from one corner of the piece, always keeping an eye on your Minecraft Pixel Art Grid. This way you’ll notice errors early on and save yourself more complex rebuilding work due to the subsequent errors.

Think carefully about which mode you want to build your Minecraft Pixel Art in. In creative mode you will have much less trouble, because here all blocks are available to you without costs or other limitations and the possibility of flying simplifies the building process considerably. Of course, the sense of achievement is much greater when you have to work out all the components and plan each step thoroughly. However, you'll have to choose the survival mode for this. Maybe you'll try it on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and get your friends to join you. That way you'll be able to create impressive Minecraft Pixel Art pieces and have someone to share your creations with right away. Have fun!

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