RUST - New Monument “Nuke Silo” Background

RUST - New Monument “Nuke Silo”

May 16, 2023
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Developer Facepunch Studios surprises with a new monument for RUST: the “Nuke Silo” and we tell you what it's all about.


RUST is a rough battlefield among survival games. Basically, everyone and everything in the game world wants to kill you. So survival is the key for you to make it in RUST.

In order to survive, you'll need better and better loot to prevail against other players and other adversities. Such loot can be found everywhere in the game world, but there are special places where you can find especially good and rich loot: Monuments.

Currently, there are already more than a dozen such "landmarks" in the game world. An oil platform, a bandit camp, a port as well as an airfield, ... just to name a few.

“Nuke Silo”

The newest monument is the so-called “Nuke Silo”. From a distance it can be easily recognized by a red and white radio tower. Then, as you approach the silo, you'll see a few observation towers as well as smaller buildings set up around it. In the center, however, you'll find the core of the monument: the Nuke Silo - a huge locked hatch.

Some guards in hazmat suits patrol the facility and you'll find some crates with nice loot in the buildings. But that's not all, of course. Once you've found a blue keycard, you'll find a slot for it in one of the buildings and a prominent red button right next to it.

If you press the said button, the big hatch in the middle will open. But you have to be on your toes, because it only stays open for 20-30 seconds and then closes again. Also note that if you decide to go in, you won't be able to get out of it anytime soon. So be well prepared.

Important: There is radiation outside and inside the facility, so you should equip yourself with appropriate gear to avoid harm.


Once you're inside the silo, you'll find a sprawling underground base with multiple levels. There are stairs as well as elevators that connect the levels. Throughout the levels, you'll also encounter well-equipped scientists who are out to get you. Keep your weapons handy.

Wipe Event

After you have fought your way to the core room of the facility, you will find a red keycard and a laptop with a mysterious timer. While the timer is ticking down, a "wipe event" starts on the map. This means that increasingly hostile NPCs will patrol the map. You'll see tanks rolling through the game world, fighter planes in the sky and more active foot soldiers. So, things are going to get more dangerous.

Get out of the silo

Once you've explored the silo, you'll find a room with a control panel where you'll be able to operate another button that will release you back to freedom when you reach a side entrance.

Also in the same room you'll find a surveillance unit that will let you monitor different points of the facility, keeping an eye on other players. This gives you some nice tactical advantages in combat situations.


The “Nuke Silo” is a terrific addition to the previous monuments in RUST. The design and the underground base give the game world a mysterious air, and exploring the dark corridors underground creates quite a few thrills. We're already looking forward to the next cool monuments and if you've got a taste for it yourself, then grab your GPORTAL RUST server, get your friends by your side and let's go on an adventure.