Sons of the Forest: Patch 09 Background

Sons of the Forest: Patch 09

August 24, 2023
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Once again it's time for an update on the front of the survival smash hit Sons of the Forest, because the developers still take every criticism and feedback to heart and put any work and time into the game to keep improving it. Find out more about the latest patch 09 here on the GPORTAL blog.

Enemies in pieces, new cannibal type and ALARM!

A very funny and exciting new feature thanks to Sons of the Forest Patch 09 is the function that from now on you can blow up the aggressive enemies with explosives like some grenades and they shatter into single pieces - not only looks funny, but also makes a lot of fun. However, you might want to keep a little distance so that you do not get hit by the explosion as well and do not have to wash the pieces of flesh off your body afterwards. There is also a small innovation in the cannibals, because there is now another female character, who looks a bit stronger than the previous female cannibals and would like to mess with you.

Even more interesting is the new alarm system that you can set up with radios. If you set up several of these red radios and connect them around your base, you can create an entire alarm system. Due to the extremely loud sound the radios play as soon as an enemy approaches and triggers them, you will definitely be warned early enough and can equip your weapons without any stress, watch Virginia shoot or wait for the traps you have set up so far to do their job. You can take a look at Patch 08, which includes electric fences and the Hokey-Pokey trap here and if you want to check out more cool traps like spiked walls, you can read our Sons of the Forest Construction Guide Part 2 again.


Placing radios, inventory optimization and new enemy

Since Patch 08 radios can be carried around and you can play and listen to music while doing so. Now there is also the possibility to place radios on the floor, on tables or on shelves, although you can still kick it away with your feet, either accidentally or on purpose. Placed radios on wall shelves, for example, are a very cool way to make your house even more homey.

One of the best new features of the patch for us is mainly the option that you can now adjust the speed of the inventory camera. This means that you no longer have to move your mouse or gamepad to the right for ages just to get to the rebreather, for example, because now you can go full speed, so to speak, and thus save yourself an enormous amount of time. As in Patch 08, also in Patch 09 a new or rather old known enemy comes to light again, we hope you are fast and strong enough for it.


Other new features and improvements

  • When pressing the left shift key or the left stick on the gamepad while placing blueprints, they remain active and you can place an infinite number of them without having to open the book again all the time
  • If you open the enemies' loot bags and your inventory is already full with one or more items in it, these things will now stay on the floor once you close the inventory
  • The rebreather and the night vision goggles can now be put on hotkeys and thus be activated faster, especially in caves and during the fight very handy
  • Smaller traps can now also cause damage to larger and stronger enemies and sometimes even knock them down

If you would like to see the full patch notes, then click here. All in all, this patch consists of a lot of changes and optimizations, which we of course welcome and are already very excited about what we can expect in the next patch.

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