Sons of the Forest Weapons: Overview and Guide Part 1 Background

Sons of the Forest Weapons: Overview and Guide Part 1

July 11, 2023
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In the Horror-Survival-Adventure Sons of the Forest there are some weapons to discover - whether you craft them yourself or find them, of course both are part of the game. Which weapons there are, where you can find them and what they are good for, we explain in the following GPORTAL blog article Part 1.

Weapon types

In Sons of the Forest there are axes, knives, firearms, melee weapons, throwing weapons and self-made weapons. Many of the weapons that are currently available in the game you have to find and for this you often need other items like the shovel or keycards. Everything about the shovel and where to find it, we have already explained in the appropriate blog.

Sons of the Forest Axes

There are three different axes in Sons of the Forest, which we list here:

  • Tactical Axe: kind of the "starting axe", since you carry it right from the start of the game in the Emergency Pack. It can be used as a tool for cutting trees or as a weapon against the first cannibal attacks
  • Modern Axe: also serves as a tool and a weapon, it is a bit slower, but inflicts more damage. You can find the axe in a northwestern camp, on the chest of a dead man - by the way, camps are a good source of some resources, so it is worth looking for them not only for the axe
  • Fire Axe: this axe is not quite as easy to find, as you will need the shovel for it most of all. Also located in the northwest, but in the underground of Maintenance Bunker A, you first have to dig your way down and then face enemy creatures to reach it - but it is worth it, because this axe deals quite a bit of damage


Sons of the Forest Knives

Two knives simplify your life on Horror Island. One of them is the utility knife, which is actually more of a tool and you carry it with you from the beginning - it is used to carve spears or to kill smaller animals like rabbits, skin them and cut out their flesh. The other knife is the machete, which fits the title of weapon better. You can find it in one of the broken red inflatable boats on the beach and use it well against single enemies and for blocking.


Sons of the Forest firearms

Firearms in Sons of the Forest include pistols and bows, of course. Which ones they are exactly, follows below:

  • Pistol: you can find the pistol in the orange lifeboat floating on the water near the shore, but watch out for the sharks that are in the immediate vicinity of it and at best equip yourself with previous weapons like a spear to be able to damage the sharks before they eat you
  • Revolver: to find the revolver, you will also need the shovel, because it is located in the corridors of Maintenance Bunker C, which is located at a golf course that you actually cannot miss. Dig your way in and start looking for the dead worker - next to him you will find the revolver. Like the pistol, for the revolver you use the 9mm ammunition that you can find scattered around the island
  • Shotgun: as in real life, the shotgun in Sons of the Forest deals a lot of damage to enemies. You can find it in a grave in the northwest, which is hidden by bushes and has a wooden cross - grave? That's right, you will need the shovel here as well. Another place to find it is the bar counter right next to the guitar
  • Stun Gun: you will find this weapon in the same cave where you already find the rebreather to find the shovel. Of course, this means that you have to be careful and, at best, well-equipped. Enter the cave and look for the corpse hanging from the ceiling, if you hear music, you are on the right track. For the stun gun you need ammunition, which you can find scattered around the island, and you have to reload it after each shot
  • Crossbow: to get this weapon, you need to locate the food bunker and carry a maintenance keycard, as this is the only way to gain access. If you continue through the rooms, you will encounter some enemies that you have to fight, inside you will find the crossbow and also the VIP keycard
  • Rifle: brand new since patch 07 is the rifle in Sons of the Forest. You will find it in the east in the cave, which is located directly at the big lake and of course you have to be prepared for some mutants, who will not make your way easy. The rifle is in the hand of a corpse sitting on a wall


Sons of the Forest melee weapons

Melee weapons are also among the available weapon types in Sons of the Forest, and exactly which weapons fall under them now follows:

  • Stun Baton: a good addition to the initial weapons, you can use the stun baton primarily to stun and paralyze enemies. In the swing, it additionally damages the enemies and is powered by batteries - make sure that it is always fully charged. You can find the stun baton by following the river and arriving at a waterfall at some point. In front of it is a pile of skulls with the stun baton inside.

Small tip: Virginia is sometimes almost eager to show you the place of the stun baton, so follow her when she encourages you to do so - what else Virginia can do and how you can get her on your side, you can read in our blog.

  • Chainsaw: the chainsaw is more of a tool than a weapon, but a very good tool, because you can cut down trees in no time. Before you make your way to the bunker in the west, you should be well equipped, among other things with the VIP keycard and the maintenance keycard. Once you have sneaked past the many creatures in the bunker or killed them, you will eventually reach a room that resembles a movie theater, there you will find, sitting in a yellow chair, a dead man in whose chest is the chainsaw - as for the stun baton, you need batteries for the chainsaw
  • Guitar: a guitar as a weapon? In Sons of the Forest a lot of things are possible. You can find the guitar in the same bunker where the chainsaw is hidden - but for the guitar you only need the maintenance keycard. If you continue walking down the corridors in the bunker, you will eventually come across a room that resembles a bar or a nightclub, on the counter you will find the guitar. Fun Fact: the guitar can even play music
  • Putter: similar to the guitar, the putter as a weapon raises questions, but it is a good melee weapon, even if the damage is not really great. Head to the cave in the southeast of the island and reach the bunker deep inside - again, the maintenance keycard is required. Once you have successfully faced the enemies, you can retrieve the putter from a lifeless body and take it with you - besides the putter, you will also find the katana in the bunker. Additionally, and a bit easier, you can find the putter with a little luck on the golf course
  • Katana: as mentioned above, you can find the powerful sword in the same bunker as the putter. The katana cuts off enemies' limbs without any problems and has a high speed, and you can also block with the sword, although not as effectively as you might with other weapons. To get the katana, you will have to go deeper into the bunker after you find the putter. Sounds like fun? It is.

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