Minecraft Steve, Alex & Skins Background

Minecraft Steve, Alex & Skins

July 14, 2022
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The player character in Minecraft is fully customizable. If you don't use this option, you're probably playing with Minecraft Steve.

Minecraft Steve

Steve is the first skin available for Minecraft characters and has become both a legend and a symbol of the sandbox sensation. Alex, the more feminine counterpart to Steve, was added later. By now, the entire gaming world knows Steve and Alex.

From Minecraft Human to Minecraft Steve

Even at the beginning of the development of Minecraft, there was a test game character, which was simply called "Human". It wore the blue shirt even back then. In 2009, the character could also move actively and new game characters were developed. These other characters disappeared again, but the old test game character designed by Minecraft founder Notch remained. However, it was simply called "character".

The Minecraft community also referred to the game character simply as "Minecraft Man" or "Minecraft Guy." When Notch was asked about the character, he didn't know exactly what it meant and replied, "Do you mean Steve?". From that point on, the Minecraft Guy was just Steve to the Minecraft community.


Starting with version 1.6, the name was officially given and the character has been referred to as Steve in the game ever since.

Minecraft is a genderless game, so animals and game character have no genders. Therefore, despite the name, Steve from Minecraft is simply a "human".

Minecraft Steve and Alex - male and female characters?

The rather male appearance of Steve, after all, raised the question of whether a female-looking equivalent should not be created. Although this contradicted the official pronouncements that there are no genders in Minecraft, a feminine-looking character was introduced and christened Alex.

Minecraft Alex was given thinner arms, a ponytail and orange hair, as well as slightly pink lips.


Since then, Minecraft Alex has been considered a "feminine" partner of Minecraft Steve. The creation of the character Alex suggests that the developers have moved away from the idea of genderlessness.

The Minecraft Steve head

The most characteristic thing about a person is his facial features, but the most characteristic thing about a Minecraft skin is the whole head. Thus, the head of Minecraft Steve has a certain recognition value. Little wonder, then, that it soon became a popular Halloween costume, and Minecraft Steve heads made of cardboard seem very popular as a humorous pop cultural reference. Much like the diamond pickaxe, pretty much everyone knows the Minecraft Steve head to the game.

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