Taking screenshots in Minecraft Background

Taking screenshots in Minecraft

July 28, 2022
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A breathtaking sunset, an architectural masterpiece or just a funny scene - Minecraft offers many sights that you would like to capture.

Minecraft Screenshots

With Minecraft screenshots you can share your adventures with your friends or keep them as a memory. Here's a little guide to taking screenshots in Minecraft!

Screenshots in Minecraft

A screenshot is basically just a picture of what your screen is displaying. This is how you can capture certain scenes in Minecraft. To take a screenshot in Minecraft on a PC, you can simply press the F2 key (FN+F2 if necessary). For Minecraft on the Mac, you need to press Command+Shift+G. If you press F1 beforehand, the inventory and access bar will be hidden.

Once a screenshot is taken, Minecraft will give you a notification about it.

Find Minecraft screenshots

You have now made a screenshot in Minecraft. But where do you find your Minecraft screenshots now?

On a PC, you have to open the Run window with the Windows + R key combination. Now enter the command "%appdata%.minecraft\screenshots" and press Enter.
Now the folder where your Minecraft screenshots are located will open. They are named according to the pattern YYYY-MM-DD.

For example:
2022-03-15_13.06.02, which stands for March 15, 2022, at 13:06 and 02 seconds.

On a Mac, you can find your Minecraft screenshots at "/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots".

On a Linux machine, the address is simply "/minecraft/screenshots".

Game consoles like Xbox and Playstation each have their own ways to take and share screenshots. For example, to take a Minecraft screenshot on the PS4, simply hold down the "Share" button. On the PS5, you use the "Create" button and click on "Create Screenshot". To take a Minecraft screenshot on Xbox One, you'll need to press the Xbox button and then press Y. On an Xbox Series S|X, on the other hand, you can simply use the Share button. The Nintendo Switch has a special screenshot button on the left controller.

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