Valheim: best weapons against each boss Background

Valheim: best weapons against each boss

May 30, 2023
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In Valheim you will face a total of six bosses. Each of them has certain strengths and luckily also weaknesses - which weaknesses the bosses have and which weapons you can best use in the fight against them, we explain here.

Eikthyr - the first boss

This gigantic creature called Eikthyr represents a deer whose antlers are covered with chains and electricity. He has the following three attacks:

  • Lightning Strike: from a distance, the Eikthyr attacks you with a lightning strike that has a fairly long range
  • Headbutt: with its antlers pointing forward, the Eikthyr charges at you, dealing a fair amount of damage to anything and anyone it hits
  • Stomp: the Eikthyr stomps the ground powerfully with its hooves, dealing damage with a large radius around it

Since all the bosses in Valheim are huge in contrast to you, you should not be fooled by their appearance. Armed with the right equipment and a shield, you can well block any attack of Eikthyr. Several weapons are suited as the best, here is a list:

  • Bow: use a bow to slowly take down Eikthyr from a safe distance, fire arrows are the most suitable arrows. Make sure you bring enough of them with you
  • Axe / Spear: for close combat, a one-handed axe or spear is suitable to take the life of the first boss
  • Shield: not to be forgotten and extremely important for close combat to be able to block his attacks


The Elder - Tree Falls

After summoning the Elder in Valheim, this truly gigantic beast appears in front of you. The Elder already has a slightly higher difficulty level than the Eikthyr, but also has three attacks:

  • Vine Attack: in this attack, the Elder shoots vines at you, which cause enormous damage. Use the large rocks in the area to dodge this attack
  • Stomp: this melee attack deals a large amount of area damage around the Elder, but can be blocked well
  • Summoned Roots: the roots grow out of the ground and shoot at you as well, so it is advisable to dodge these as well or possibly sit back and wait as they disappear after a short while

The Elder is quite slow, but also powerful, so distance attacks are definitely more suitable to defeat him. You should always seek additional protection from the Elder behind the stone rocks. However, if you want the challenge, you can of course also go into close combat. What weapons are the best defense against the Elder follows here:

  • Bow: here, you're best off using the fine wood bow with enough fire arrows in your backhand, as the Elder is especially sensitive to slash and fire damage
  • Axe: for the challenge you can also go into battle with a suitable one-handed axe
  • Shield: again, extremely important to be able to parry various attacks from the Elder


Bonemass - first proper battle challenge

The third boss is definitely the first real fight challenge in Valheim and requires a lot from you. Since the Swamp is known for having enemies lurking somewhere all the time, you will have to constantly keep an eye on keeping your surroundings clear of more troublemakers during the already challenging fight. The following attacks await you in the Bonemass battle:

  • Bonemass Bomb: during this attack, Bonemass will rip out a piece of slime and throw it in front of him. As soon as the slime hits the ground, various enemies spawn that you should destroy immediately
  • Poison cloud: as soon as it looks like Bonemass is sneezing, you should keep your distance, because the poison cloud he ejects causes a lot of damage to you
  • Punch Attack: either dodge quickly or parry with a shield is the best way to deal with this melee attack. If Bonemass hits you with his punch, it will suck a lot of life points from you

Bonemass is the first boss that adds another damage to you, which is via poison. Therefore, it is important that you prepare well before the fight and drink Poison Resistance Mead, which counteracts the poison somewhat, otherwise the fight will be over quickly. Essential weapons against Bonemass are:

  • Iron Hammer: the Iron Hammer is one of the best weapons against Bonemass, as it is resistant to almost every other type of damage
  • Frostner: also good would be the Frostner, because it also deals frost damage, which Bonemass is sensitive to, but you have to search for silver for it
  • Bow: rather difficult to look at, but also equipped with Frost Arrows, you can place yourself on an elevation and with some patience take out Bonemass


Moder - the dragon mother

In contrast to the fight against Bonemass, the one against the Dragon Mother is a bit easier to classify, since you can avoid her attacks better by keeping some distance. Her attacks are the following:

  • Barrage: with this attack, Moder rises into the air and shoots down several ice projectiles at you, which you should urgently avoid, as they cause great damage when they hit you
  • Blizzard Breath: Moder is not very agile on the ground and is the most vulnerable to any attack, but you should flee as soon as she raises her head, because she can knock you out pretty quickly when she hits you with her Blizzard Breath
  • Punch Attack: Moder also has a punch attack when she is on the ground - you can dodge it pretty well, but if she hits you with her claws, be prepared for a lot of damage

So it is important to have a lot of space when fighting Moder and always keep moving. Between their attacks are longer pauses, in which you can attack Moder well. In addition, it moves rather sluggish and slowly on the ground, which makes it easier to attack from a distance. Which weapons are best suited:

  • Bow: the Draugr Fang should be your weapon of choice against Moder, because even though it is vulnerable to fire, poison works all the more powerfully in combat. Prepare enough poison arrows and possibly have a Huntsman Bow in your backhand in case your Draugr Fang breaks
  • Silver Sword: although melee combat against Moder is not recommended, you can manage it with patience and a lot of dodging
  • Shield: if you choose melee, you must equip a round shield, preferably silver or higher level


Yagluth - the undead

Yagluth requires a little more effort than Moder. Since this huge skeleton will mainly deal fire damage to you, you will not be able to avoid equipping yourself with upgraded padded armor, for example - anything else would only make the fight unnecessarily difficult. Yagluth's attacks look like this:

  • Fire Breath: if Yagluth raises his head backwards, it is time to either quickly dodge and seek shelter behind rocks or dodge the breath against his line of sight
  • Nova Strike: should Yagluth raise his fist and it turns bluish, he will slam it to the ground a few moments later, creating a blue flame explosion that adds extreme damage to anyone in range - can be dodged by invincibility while rolling
  • Meteor Shower: this attack is also delivered through his raised fist, and you should strongly avoid the meteors, as they also leave behind enormous damage

You probably already realize that fighting Yagluth will not be an easy walk in the park, but he is pretty slow and with the right armor, fire damage reducing barley wine, the right tactics and the right weapons you will be victorious in the battle. Which are the most suitable weapons for this:

  • Bow: as with Moder, the first choice for Yagluth is the Draugr Fang, which, when equipped with Frost Arrows, provides the necessary damage
  • Frostner / Mistwalker: since Yagluth is sensitive to Frost and Spirit damage, the Frostner or Mistwalker can be used in close combat


The Queen - the final battle

The final boss battle will be against the Queen, and you will not only have to prepare yourself very well, but you will also have to find her arena and gain access to it. Not only does her extremely high life bar and enormous damage make your life difficult, but she also keeps summoning waves of seekers - so if she roars, this is your sign to prepare for the next wave. Other attacks are:

  • Melee: she strikes with one leg forward and hits with a long range. A stomp with her front legs has less range, but deals just as much damage as any other attack. Another melee attack of hers is to slam her head at you, roll quickly to the side to avoid this
  • Ranged attacks: with her scream she summons a wave of seekers that will attack you. She can also suddenly rush at you and run you over if you do not react fast enough. From time to time she also dives under and you can remove the seekers in peace

Should you die more often in the fight against the queen and slowly lose patience - try to stay calm and maybe adjust your tactics a bit, but note that it is quite normal though and it is the most difficult fight of all. The queen is not really sensitive to special damage, so it is really important to stock up on good armor, such as tank armor, and use magic weapons. Which weapons and items are important in the Queen battle:

  • Staffs: the Staff of Embers and Staff of Frost are two good weapons to use against the Queen, as the Staff of Embers, for example, can be used effectively against the waves of Seekers - make sure you are carrying and eating food that provides Eitr
  • Crossbow: attacking at close range is not a good idea with the Queen, especially if you have not perfected dodging. Use the crossbow to effectively attack the Queen with armor bolts from a safe distance
  • Feather Cloak: not a weapon, but very important in combat, so you can safely jump down from the high ranks in the arena without taking damage
  • Melee: due to her speed and attacks, it is not recommended to choose melee against the Queen, but if you want the challenge, at best use a strong weapon like the Krom Sword and train dodging
  • Wisplight: use a Wisplight to be able to see enough in the arena, because it is completely covered in dark fog


Important tips for boss fights

It is extremely important that you get the best information about the boss before each fight and that you know what the boss' resistances and weaknesses are. Always use the best armor, eat food with the best buffs, fill your inventory with plenty of arrows and use healing potions like mead or wine to ward off certain damage.

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