The Valheim Biomes - an overview Background

The Valheim Biomes - an overview

March 2, 2023
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The name Valheim stands for one of the most successful co-op-based survival games the gaming industry has ever seen. We would like to bring Valheim a little closer to you and provide you with all sorts of information and special features about the Nordic mythology and the father of the gods Odin. Here we will introduce you to the different biomes in Valheim and their characteristics.


The Meadows biome is the environment where you start in Valheim. The Meadows is one of the safest biomes in Valheim and is covered with fields and forests. You can also find rivers and lakes in the Meadows.

Features of the biome

  • Starter biome of Valheim
  • One of the safest biomes
  • Low level enemies
  • Various resources such as wood, mushrooms, raspberries, beehives and more
  • Several passive and hostile creatures like Boars, Greylings, Deer or even Draugr
  • Meet the first boss named Eikthyr here and defeat him to get Hard Antlers, the Eikthyr Trophy and the Eikthyr Power


Black Forest

You usually explore the Black Forest right after the Meadows. Covered by fir and pine forests, you will also find exposed and huge rocks in the Black Forest. Once you have defeated Eikthyr in the Meadows, you can now craft the Antler Pickaxe and mine Copper and Tin in the Black Forest.

Features of the biome

  • Only biome where Copper and Tin can be mined
  • Crowds of Greydwarfs appearing near burial chambers and dungeons along with the rare Troll and Skeletons
  • Most of the burial chambers that appear in the world of Valheim are found in the Black Forest
  • Burial chambers are the first source of Surtling cores - these are used to build a smelter to be able to process metals
  • The Elder is the second boss and is waiting for you in the Black Forest


The Swamp

The Swamp is a biome characterized by muddy and dark landscapes. Since it is always raining lightly in the Swamp, you are constantly wet, which makes the Swamp one of the most difficult biomes in Valheim. Besides the landscape and environment, of course, the undead Vikings called "Draugr" also provide an increased level of difficulty. You should avoid the swampy ponds and watch out for circular movements in the water, as they indicate Leeches.

Features of the biome

  • A rather difficult biome in Valheim
  • In the Swamp biome you will find sunken crypts that require the Swamp Key from The Elder of the Black Forest - here you can find Iron, Bone fragments and more
  • Find a variety of new resources such as Draugr innards, ancient bark from trees or crypts, turnip seeds, and scrap iron in the crypts
  • Also in the crypts you will find treasures and gold, which you can sell to Haldor to buy rare goods
  • Meet more enemy creatures like Bloodworms, Wraiths, Blobs and more
  • "Bonemass” is the name of the third boss that awaits you in the swamp


The Mountains

Snow and ice await you in the Mountains. The icy cold in this biome makes sure that you can freeze to death. You can prevent this by drinking frost-resistant mead and wearing the appropriate cape or cloak. Pay attention to your surroundings, as piles of rocks can turn out to be stone golems, for example, or dragons hover above you, defending their nests on the peaks.

Features of the biome

  • Brave the ice and cold with suitable clothing and drink the frost-resistant mead
  • Take care of a campfire to get dry, before that you can not resist the cold
  • With the Wishbone of Bonemass you can find silver in the mountains
  • You will of course encounter hostile enemies such as Wolves, Dragons, Fenrings and others
  • Find different resources like Dragon eggs, Obsidian or Onion seeds
  • In the Mountains you can also find Frost Caves, where Cultists live
  • From time to time you can also find large underground lakes, but the Stone Golem can rest there, so you should always be alert
  • In order to summon and fight the fourth boss named "Moder" you will need Dragon eggs


The Plains

The rather calm appearing Plains biome proves to be quite difficult to handle in the course of the game. The Plains are very dry and resemble a desert, and without the right armor and weapons you'll probably perish quickly. The attack of a Goblin or a "Deathsquito" is fast and very deadly. Scattered across the Plains you will find inhabited villages built by the native Fulings.

Features of the biome

  • Build your base on the edge of the Plains biome and build a protective wall that keeps out Goblins
  • Meet different enemies like Goblins, Deathsquitos or Loxe
  • Collect new resources like Cloudberries for mead, Flax for armor and Black Metal armor, Barley or Tar for example for high level furniture or buildings
  • "Yagluth" is the name of the fifth boss in Valheim and he wears a crown, which indicates that he was once the ruler of the Plains


The Ocean

The Ocean is a huge biome that is, of course, completely covered by water. The Ocean is accessed and crossed by ships and boats to reach other biomes. You should not swim in the Ocean, as it drains your stamina too much and eventually drags down your life energy until you eventually drown.

Features of the biome

  • If you die in the Ocean, a floating tombstone will appear, which will hold your inventory
  • If you were on a boat or ship, its inventory is stored in a floating box
  • Snakes are the only enemy in the biome, otherwise you can of course encounter Fish and Leviathan
  • You can enter the Leviathans and mine Chitin on them, but eventually they will dive down again
  • Fish are a natural food source and you can use them for dishes
  • You can kill the Snakes in the ocean and process their meat and scales - they also drop trophies


The Mistlands

The Mistlands, as the name suggests, is constantly covered in thick fog, which of course makes it very difficult to see, and it is also very dark and mystical in the Mistlands. Since the sun does not show itself in this biome, you are constantly exposed to the cold, so have suitable clothing and potions up your sleeve. Since the big Mistlands update in December 2022, there are other new features like the energy "Eitr", which lets you use magical abilities.

Features of the biome

  • You can light your way with wisp lights and torches, but you have to defeat Yagluth from the Plains to do so
  • Ticks, Seekers and Gjalls are the most hostile creatures in the Mistlands
  • Seekers are very dangerous enemies, as they can chase you and even fly
  • Black marble is one of the new resources in the Mistlands, from which you can build fortresses
  • "Dvergr" is the name of the friendly NPCs who are the first group to stand on your side and help you fight enemies
  • “The Queen" is the name of the sixth boss in Valheim and can be fought in the Mistlands
  • Note: The biome with the new features of the big update will only appear in areas you haven't discovered yet


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