V Rising X Castlevania DLC Background

V Rising X Castlevania DLC

May 6, 2024
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In addition to the full release of V Rising, Stunlock Studios has another surprise in store: a V Rising X Castlevania collaboration. Fans of the classic vampire adventure from none other than Konami will get their money's worth with the additional V Rising - Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack DLC.

Beat the mighty Simon Belmont

The name Belmont is already familiar to anyone who has played games from the Castlevania empire. The most famous of the Belmont clan is probably Simon Belmont, and thanks to the collaboration between V Rising and Castlevania, you can now fight him in the modern and absolutely fantastic vampire game. The fight against Simon Belmont is no walk in the park, however, because of course he has his Vampire Killer Whip with him as well as a large number of holy weapons up his sleeve.


Info: Simon Belmont is the vampire hunter known throughout the land and has one great nemesis he wants to see dead forever. The vampire of all vampires: Dracula. Dracula also arrives in Vardoran through the full release of V Rising and must be defeated as a boss.

Become Alucard yourself

Another very well-known character from Castlevania, who comes into play through the V Rising Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack, is none other than Alucard. However, you can't play him as his own character, but can take on his complete appearance by crafting his cloak, coat, pants, gloves and boots. To create the genuine Alucard outfit, you will need the tailor's bench and the resources fabric and coarse yarn.


New forms for shapeshifters

The new DLC also gives you access to three new forms that you can transform into. These include Alucard's wolf form or you can disguise yourself as Maria Renard. You can also take on a frog form:

  • Wolf Form Variant: Soul of the Wolf
  • Human Form Variant: Glamour of Maria Renard
  • Frog Form Variant: Guise of The Flea Man


What else the V Rising Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack contains

Of course, the latest DLC of V Rising also contains a few more cosmetic upgrades for you. Bring the gothic and majestic look of Castlevania itself to your castle and breathe even more life into it. Use the numerous new decorations and items, such as the incredibly impressive throne with huge bat wings, to improve the atmosphere and impression of your castle. And if you plan to travel further outside your vampire castle, you can summon the brand new mount in the form of a skeleton horse.


In addition to Alucard's clothing, you also have the opportunity to change your hairstyle, as there are four new options available to you here too, and to really round off the whole experience perfectly, there are two new tracks that you can use to add music to your castle. V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova has created two beautiful tracks that change the mood of the game remarkably. Choose between Bloody Tears or Simon's Theme.

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