V Rising Rift Incursion Events and the Ruins of Mortium Background

V Rising Rift Incursion Events and the Ruins of Mortium

June 26, 2024
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With the departure from Early Access and the launch of the V Rising 1.0 version, a new region called Ruins of Mortium has been added to the game. The Rift Incursion events there provide fun, new adventures and valuable loot. You can find out what the events and the new region are all about in the GPORTAL blog article.

Find and activate the Rift Incursion events

In order to uncover and find the random Ruins of Mortium events, you need the Eye of Mortium. This is a structure that you can unlock by following the story in V Rising and dutifully bringing your vampire castle to level 3. Once you have unlocked the recipe for the Eye of Mortium, you can now find it under Production and Dominance. You will need the following resources to produce the structure:

  • 20x Scroll
  • 4x Iron Ingot
  • 4x Scourgestone


We have already explained the best way to get iron ore in V Rising and then iron ingots in a suitable GPORTAL blog article. You can get Scourgestones in V Rising as loot from the creatures in the Church of the Damned in the Dunley Farmlands or you can buy them from the Rural Goods Merchant.

If possible, you should place the Eye of Mortium somewhere in your castle where you can always keep an eye on it, because it looks really cool and behaves and moves like a real eye. Once you have built it, you can interact with the eye and keep an eye on the ruins of Mortium from the comfort of your base and see when and where the next Rift Incursion events are taking place. However, this only really works reliably if you have already uncovered some or at best even all of the new area.


How the Rift Incursion events work

Once you have decided to take on the new V Rising events, you should focus on the color of the respective event. There are two different types of Rift Incursion events:

  • Tier I - Orange: These are the Rift Incursion events, which are usually level 50+ and are considered the preliminary stage of the second tier
  • Tier II - Red: The second tier of Rift Incursion events are level 80+ and have a time limit during which you can complete the event

The events themselves consist of two smaller event circles in which several waves of enemies spawn. You must defeat them until the red crystal at the top center of the screen shatters. The crystals from the two smaller circles feed the large blood crystal in which the boss spawns later. The shattering of the crystals is then the sign that you have successfully cleared this summoning circle. Once you have defeated the small circles, a boss will appear in the main area of the event. You must also send this boss to the afterlife before you have successfully completed the Rift Incursion event.

Rewards of the Rift Incursion events

Before you jump into one of the events, you can hover over it with your mouse to see what loot awaits you once you have successfully completed the event. In most cases, you will receive the following loot upon completion:

  • The new currency called Stygian Shards (you can also use some of these for recipes or trade them to get Ancestral Weapon Shards - merchants can be found scattered throughout the Ruins of Mortium, although their offerings change from time to time. You can also redeem them for passive skills, which are divided into 3 levels)
  • Ancestral Weapon Shards, which you can use to restore powerful weapons at the Ancestral Forge
  • Gold and jewels


What the ruins of Mortium have in store for you

The nasty little enemies that you have to take down during the random events all come from the hand of Dracula. The other creatures that you will inevitably encounter in the Ruins of Mortium were also sent by Dracula and naturally serve their ruler blindly and very loyally. But it's not just the strength of the enemies that is impressive, their appearance is also quite high and you rarely have a moment to catch your breath.

An innovation introduced by Dracula's subjects is another V Rising blood type: Draculin. This has the following stats for you:

  • Tier I: 10 to 20% more movement speed during the night
  • Tier II: 10 to 20% increased damage against enemies that fall below 30% of their health
  • Tier III: 40 to 80% increased healing through blood refinement
  • Tier IV: Grants 1 additional Bite Charge and heals for 5% of maximum health when an enemy is killed with Bite
  • Tier V: Increases all of the above effects by 25%


The strength of the new enemies is demonstrated above all by their attacks and long stuns, with which they can immobilize you without any problems. There are also succubus opponents who can glamour you and steer you in their direction so that you move stubbornly towards them. You should also watch out for enemies who can heal others, as they can quickly make it feel like the waves of enemies never stop and will eventually overwhelm you.

You will need the Ancestral Forge to be able to conjure up powerful, usable weapons from the Ancestral Weapon Shards. In addition to crafting them, you can also upgrade them twice at the forge, which will increase the Gear Level and strength of the weapon. Of course, we also have a guide for the V Rising Gear Level ready for you. You can get the recipe for the Ancestral Forge from the V Blood Boss Octavian the Militia Captain from the Dunley Farmlands and you will need the following items:

  • 16x Iron Ingot
  • 8x Radium Alloy
  • 1x Primal Blood Essence


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