V Rising Weapons: Overview and Guide Background

V Rising Weapons: Overview and Guide

May 12, 2023
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In the course of the game time in V Rising not only does your vampire become more and more powerful, also the enemies you encounter will show higher and higher levels - therefore it is of course important to always equip yourself with the best armor and above all strong weapons. Which weapon types are available in the game and which ones are more suitable than others, you can find out here in the GPORTAL V Rising Weapons Guide.

Weapon types

In V Rising there are seven different weapon types in different material levels and except for the crossbow all weapon types have certain bonuses, for example 25% extra damage on wood or minerals. Below is a list of the seven weapon types:

  • Spear: Spears are projectile weapons that deal pierce damage to your opponent. You can get them in eight different stages, and the main attack from the Bone Spear deals a combo of melee attacks that deal 40%/40%/50% damage. Spears give an additional 25% bonus damage to all living creatures
  • Crossbow: Crossbows are the only ranged weapons in V Rising so far. They shoot bolts at your enemies and you can get them in seven different stages - the main attack from the bone crossbow deals 115% physical damage with a hit bolt
  • Reaper: Reapers are two-handed weapons that deal slashing damage to your opponent and give an additional 25% to damage against undead. Reapers can be obtained in five different stages and the main attack of the iron reaper deals 50%/50%/55% physical damage with its combo
  • Mace: the maces are rather heavy weapons in V Rising and deal blunt damage to your opponent, with a bonus of 25% damage to minerals such as stone or ores - this means that you can use these weapons to effectively mine minerals. You can get the maces in nine different stages and the main attack of the bone mace deals 55%/55%/60% physical damage
  • Slasher: the slashing damage dealing double-edged blades of the slashers are the strongest weapons in V Rising so far, along with the swords. In addition to the Iron Slasher's main attack, which deals 27.5%/27.5%/35% physical damage to your enemies, each Slasher weapon gives a 25% bonus to damage against vegetation and thickets. Slashers can be obtained in four different stages
  • Axe: double-edged axes provide a 25% bonus to damage against, guess what, wood - making them particularly useful for efficiently cutting wood from trees. Axes can be obtained in nine different stages and the bone axe's main attack deals 45%/45%/55% physical damage
  • Sword: Swords are available in eight different stages in V Rising and deal slashing damage to your enemies. Swords deal an additional 25% damage to vegetation and thickets, as well as slashers. The main attack of the Bone Sword deals 35%/35%/40% physical damage to your enemies

Hint: An overview of all weapons and their stats, you can find here on the V Rising Fandom Wiki page.

Stages of the weapons

As mentioned above, there are different stages of material that you can use to create or find the various weapons. We list all the levels in order of value below:

  • Bone weapons
  • Reinforced bone weapons
  • Copper weapons
  • Merciless copper weapons
  • Iron weapons
  • Merciless iron weapons
  • Dark silver weapons
  • Sanguine Weapons

Extraordinary Weapons

Apart from the usual types of weapons and their stages made of different materials, you can also find or buy various weapons throughout the game - these include, for example, the Lumberjack's Axe, which you can find or buy from Gavyn the Shady Dealer, or the Bone Crossbow, which you can find in bandit camps of the Farbane Woods.

The General's Soul Reaper

The most extraordinary and possibly the most flexible weapon in V Rising is The General's Soul Reaper and you can neither find it or buy it. In order for you to own this extensive weapon, you need to find the recipe to craft it - this is dropped by an undead commander in the Haunted Iron Mine or in the Church of the Damned. To craft The General's Soul Reaper, you will need the following resources:

  • 120x Gem Dust
  • 24x Iron Ingot
  • 16x Plank
  • 4x Regular Mist Stone
  • 4x Greater Blood Essence

Note: In addition to the 25% extra damage on undead, The General's Soul Reaper gives even two extra bonuses - plus 6% Spell Power and 5% Spell Critical Strike Chance.

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