Valheim - What we know about the Mistlands Background

Valheim - What we know about the Mistlands

October 18, 2022
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Vikings beware! Grab your weapons, fill your bags with provisions and prepare for a new adventure!

The Valheim Update - The Mistlands Are on Their Way!

The new Valheim update is getting closer and closer. After 'Hearth & Home', the first content update of the game, the developers are continuously working on the Valheim Mistlands. It will be the first new playable biome since the game's release.


When Can We Expect the Valheim Mistlands?

There is no official release date yet! Summer is coming to an end and fans are eagerly awaiting the Valheim update, but can only speculate. A glance at the media is enough to realize one thing: the Valheim news appear regularly, filled with teasers, concept art, first impressions of the in-game experience or speed modeling videos. Over the past few months, players of the survival game have been prepared piece by piece for the Mistlands biome. If you follow the official Twitter accounts of the game or the developers, you get small glimpses of the process. Nevertheless, fans will have to keep waiting anxiously to see when the Valheim update will be available for all vikings.

What the Valheim News Tells Us So Far

The Valheim Mistlands await you! You will wander through misty landscapes, pass by ruins of ancient civilizations, face hostile creatures and fight for your survival. Old bridge arches indicate that people once settled here ages ago. You may even discover the entrance to a mysterious dungeon. Or you can gather your strength at the waterfront before returning to the dangers. From the Valheim update news we can conclude that the biome is designed to be way more versatile than just dreary fog over black stone. Doesn't that sound tempting?


New Mobs, But Where Is the Boss in the Valheim Update?

With each biome, the game is also expanded by a boss, a forsaken. One of the Valheim developers confirmed this assumption in an interview in 2021. Fans can now already look forward to new mobs. At the same time, there has been no further indication of a new boss. Besides peaceful hares, hostile moths and oversized ticks, the mystical boss and its summoning remain a mystery so far. Many fans speculate on an arachnoid creature after the concept art revealed cobweb-like structures. However, the developers have not yet commented on spiders either. So could the new forsaken have eight legs?

Architects Beware! New Resources in the Valheim Mistlands

Fans agree: The most coveted new resource is black marble, which will be found in the Mistlands. Particularly pleasing was a news update that confirms that players can use this material themselves to rebuild their base. This fulfilled the hopes of many players and made the new material the biggest factor as to why we are looking forward to the new extensive Valheim update.

Other new resources include mushrooms, which have been teased and linked to new recipes by developers. How many and which recipes exactly we can expect is still unclear. At the same time, however, there was Valheim news promising that the kitchen design will be adapted to the Valheim Mistlands with the update. And let's not forget that a change is supposed to be waiting for us outside of the Mistlands as well! It has been talked about new fish species of different sizes, which we can now also use as decorations. So if there are some fishermen among you vikings, this is great news.


Arm Up When the Valheim Update Arrives!

In a survival game, weapons for defense or hunting should not be missed. Especially, when there are new enemies to conquer. Several teasers showed us some of the new equipment, including a bone bow and a crossbow. The latter could bring a change in the gameplay. As well as the bear traps that you can now lay out. You shouldn't fall victim to it yourself, though. Do you prefer close combat? Then pay attention and get a new two-handed sword. Or how about a huge sledgehammer? All this will be possible thanks to the Valheim update!

The hearts of some fans also skipped a beat when the concept art of a new forge was released. In addition to cool design, the forge brings another assumption: maybe it won't stay with these new weapons. It also can't be ruled out that building instructions will be adapted to the new forge in later updates to make it worthwhile for players. Do you think we'll have to worry about the ventilation of the forge?


Waiting for New Valheim Mistlands News

Now it's time to wait and prepare, my viking friends! The Mistlands and the Valheim update with all its new features are still in the development process, but our anticipation grows. Before the Valheim Mistlands release, you can look forward to several small updates fixing bugs. The teasers mean one thing: The Mistlands are coming! Until then, we won’t run out of speculations and theories and maybe even one or two building ideas for the black marble will end up on paper. What's the saying? Anticipation is half the joy, isn't it?


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