Core Keeper - Retro Pixel in new shine Background

Core Keeper - Retro Pixel in new shine

June 30, 2022
2 minutes to read

The team from Pugstorm has brought a new kind of retro pixel to the market with Core Keeper, creating something that will send you and your friends to a whole new world of sandbox adventures.

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The heart of the explorer beats faster here

The pixelated world of Core Keeper offers many adventures and discoveries for every explorer and collector.

Build a base, go fishing, and upgrade your equipment with the many different resources and ores in order to be well prepared against anything that will stand in your way in the sheer endless territories.

Traders and the ancient core

Bring various traders to your area to acquire equipment and rare objects from them that will help you on your further journeys or sell your unused items to receive ancient coins in return.

And while you’re always busy on the go – whether collecting resources or harvesting fruit – you keep wondering: What exactly is that fascinating bluish glow over there that exerts that strange attraction?

Core Keeper Server at GPORTAL

Are you determined to have your own adventures in Core Keeper? Then we are happy to announce that Core Keeper servers are now available at GPORTAL. Fight the monsters alone or with up to seven of your friends and start your journey into the world of Core Keeper today. Rent your own Core Keeper server now at GPORTAL to get started immediately.

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