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After sensational Kickstarter success: Rent your Day of Dragons Server


After the sensational success at Kickstarter the dragons rise in "Day of Dragons". Swing yourself to high altitudes with your friends on our servers. From now on "Day of Dragons" is available.

Play as a dragon in a giant world and explore the environment. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new creatures that are also playable.

Classic survival aspects such as hunger and thirst also take an important role in Day of Dragons. As a baby dragon, you struggle to survive and grow over time into a powerful creature that leads the food chain.

Thanks to Steam Integration you can play together with friends. No matter if you play together as a group or as a loner in the fight for dominance in the Open World: You alone decide your destiny!

The world contains different biomes. Fly over a dry desert, roam through breathtaking elemental forests, swamps, caves or wide grasslands.

In the Lava Biom you should be aware, because you can burn your wings and claws quickly.

Each dragon has unique abilities, acquired in the circle of life. You also have the choice whether you fight your opponents with fire or attack them with caustic acid.

The Dragons do not only have offensive abilities: as a defensive ability there is a camouflage mode - ideal to escape from a battle.

You'll be released into the world as a little baby dragon. With a good portion of food, the dragon will grow and evolve over time. Breeding also has an important impact. The breeding of dragon eggs will play an essential role in "Day of Dragons" and should your dragon die you will slip into one of your children. They will inherit the values from your previous dragon and your partner. The partner can be an NPC or another player.

If you have no children, you can explore the world with a new Dragon, which gets random stats.

Endgame Content for Day of Dragons

Day of Dragons isn't just about growing and reproducing. When you reach the maximum level, an ancient secret is revealed and you get the chance to become dragon elders. As an elemental being you will be chased by other players who only want one until the end of your days: Glory and honor by killing an elder.

Immerse yourself in a world full of dangers, adventures and challenges: Rent your own "Day of Dragons" server from GPORTAL.


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