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ARK PS4 console servers now available in the gportal Gamecloud


The long wait comes to an end, finally we get the true dedicated servers for the PS4. Worldwide will be there a small pool of official providers and indeed gportal is one of them. You can buy and activate your server now!

It happenend, ARK Survival Evolved gives a few companys the chance to host PS4 servers for a maximum of performance. Beginning from now we provide you true PS4 Ark servers. You can switch to an ARK PS4 server anytime in the Gamecloud.

For the launch of the PS4 servers gportal upgraded the hardware units again, now with the newest DELL R230 v6 systems (with up to 4.1Ghz), so you will have the best possible gaming experience without any lags or shuttering, so now you can finally enjoy ARK like you do on PC. 

You can order and activate your server now!

Rent an ARK Survival Evolved PS4 Server now



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