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Atlas Server - available at GPORTAL


The new pirate MMO from Wildcard promises a lot. A huge world, thrilling boss fights and a fleet of its own. Rent your Atlas Server at GPORTAL today.

(Pre)Order here: 


Atlas - Studio Wildcard's new Pirate MMO offers many features and capabilities.

A huge game world is waiting to be explored. Players can build fortresses, take territories and defend them against opposing fleets.
You can hire your friends in Atlas and invite them to your ship. If you need more players, there are also AI NPCs that will help you in combat.
Treasures, loot and riches are waiting for you and your friends. To explore the world, you can build your own ship's fleet and put to sea.

On your GPORTAL server you can customize the adventure to your liking. There is also a DevKit available, which allows the creation of maps and mods. For the players, this means even more customization options and even more fun.

You need more information for you and your fleet? Here you can watch the official trailer:


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