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ECO servers are now available at GPORTAL!


ECO is the new Survival OpenWorld game by Strange Loop Games. In this unique game concept, you assume the task of balancing a complete ecosystem while still surviving. Will you and your friends master this task?

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ECO - the new Survival OpenWorld game by Strange Loop Games. You enter a world with its own sophisticated ecosystem. Will you be able to keep this system in balance? Each of your actions influences the world of ECO.

Start as a simple worker, specialize and take on a job. Build your skills. You and your friends need to supplement their skills to progress in this game. Build buildings, harvest your own food and build the world to your liking. A civilization is created, which you have to manage. Study data and graphics and shape those laws and rules to protect nature on your planet.

On your GPORTAL server, you can customize the world to your liking. Invite your friends to follow you. Our web interface is simple and also offers inexperienced administrators a way to run their own server

Rent your ECO server at GPORTAL today and bring the world into balance.

More on the official website, as well as in the official trailer:


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