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PixARK servers are now available at GPORTAL


PixARK - the new survival game from Snail Games USA. Build your character, tame Dinos, build houses or learn to use the magic.

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In this new game, you will encounter wild dinosaurs, magic and giant maps to explore. You can build your own base and expand it. Expect interesting missions, over 100 creatures waiting to be tamed by you. One can choose between a large number of technology, weapons and materials and build up life in PixARK according to his own wishes.

On your own GPORTAL server, you can set the settings as you like. Your friends can visit you on your server and assist you in combat. Run your own server and manage it with the simple web interface.

Decide youself for a GPORTAL server today and enter the world of PixARK.

More about this game on the official website, as well as in the official trailer:



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