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SCUM Servers are now available at GPORTAL


SCUM - As a prisoner on an island, you will be exposed to the fun of watching reality TV viewers. Are you going to win the fight against your fellow inmates? Or will you lose your life? Find it out! Rent your own SCUM server today at GPORTAL.

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SCUM is the new multiplayer survival game from Gamepires and Devolver Digital. Complex survival elements and heart-stopping combat in a breath-taking new setting. Thanks to Unreal Engine, the game is realistic, beautiful and atmospheric with a level of immersion that is almost without peer.

Moreover, working Zombies that put up a real fight. 

Improve your character with numerous opportunities to train, craft and build upon your skills - you will need them. Everything you do affects your character, for instance, if you do not have a balanced diet you will develop symptoms of deficiency. Do not train, you gain weight and slow down.

Get your server today and head into battle with your friends in minutes on your new SCUM server from GPORTAL.

You can find more information about this outstanding new game on the official site or in the launch trailer:



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